Leaves have deep ridges

Hello I am growing a couple ILGM Gelato feminized seeds. They are in a 2x4 tent with 3 quantum board LEDs that turned out to be a lot more powerful than expected but I was very pleased with the last harvest they gave me. Now with the gelato, I am having some weird leaf symptoms that I have asked about at my local hydro store and the guy said he thinks it’s overwatering. But I have been letting it really dry out between waterings, a couple times it was to the point where they were drooping from underwatering, and the symptoms have not gone away. I tried moving my fans for better airflow, I tried increasing the hours of darkness from 4 hours to 6. I tried turning the lights down to 75%. But nothing I do seems to be fixing the problem. Is it too late to save my babies? Can anyone diagnose what is causing these deep ridges in my leaves? Here are some pictures…

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It could quite possibly be nothing to worry about. I have two seedlings at the moment
that have those same deep leaf ridges. It could be a phonotype of the plant, it could be
the strain or it could be nothing at all. Unless someone posts after this and tells me I’m
full of crap, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Also something I’ve noticed, Indica’s have a lot more character in their leaves than Savita’s do. Savita’s are skinny, flat and boring whereas Indica’s have fancy broad leaves with much more texture and profile. That’s just my personal observation. Either way I hope it turns out
to be nothing to worry about.

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Definitely got a magnesium deficiency going on. If your not feeding them yet you can get some epsom salt(unscented) and mix it into your water. Around 1g per gal and it should fix your issue. Makes sure your runoff ph is in range as well


what do you have?

I agree

Also, what temps and rh do you run? (Day/night).


I keep the temps between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the RH around 60 %. Here is an update after I tried giving it some fertilizer. It’s really bothering me that I can’t get this plant to have leaves that are praying perfectly like my last grow. Any suggestions? I gave my plants compost tea and a compost tea foliage feed, which seems to get all my plants a little bit healthier every time I do it. But I can’t tell if I have a magnesium deficiency still. I also find myself wondering if I need to raise or lower the light because I have tried so many things to get this plant as happy as my last but I just can’t seem to do it. Please help my friends! @PhillyRock @Drinkslinger @beardless @imSICKkid @Ironman26 image|375x500

You really don’t want your leaves pointing up, that’s a sign that they are getting too much light
or heat. A happy plant has pancake flat leaves that are horizontal to the sun set. Not sagging down, not tilted up, just like pieces of paper, flat to absorb as much light as possible. That leads
to nice healthy and dense buds.

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Definitely looks like a magnesium deficiency to me. Epsom Salt will help for sure if you havent used it.

@PhillyRock @imSICKkid I’m sorry I accidentaly posted the wrong photo!!! Here is the correct one.

Several people on here have told me that if the leaves are perked up at this angle that means the light is at the correct distance and that the platt couldn’t be any happier… like my old plant for example:

There is a term for indoor growers called “Riding the line”, the new growth leaves are slightly pointing upwards, no yellowing on a green and healthy plant. If you’re past the stretch phase of flowering (2-4 weeks into flowering) a flat green and healthy bud site is maximized to absorb as much light as possible to feed the fruit (flowers).

Keep an eye on the leaves for any change or stress that could potentially harm or hurt your yield come time to harvest. Remember, leaves on an angle is a reduced footprint for light absorption whereas flat leaves soak up more photons for greater production within the plant.

There is an article you can find on the web about this isse but will be removed if I post it. Outside links aren’t allowed. I’m sure you can find it with ease.

EDITED: The praying leaves phenomenon is mostly strain dependent. You may find some plants happy with a slight tilt towards the heavens but be very watchful because heat stress and light stress cannot be reversed.

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@PhillyRock so do you think this plant is fine then???

Give it a dose of cal/mag and continue as normal. Looks ok from here.

If the plants leafs are praying at the light keep doing your thing. That just means they’re happy with current conditions in the tent