First time grower with signs of leaf issues

What’s up all! This is my first grow and first post. Can anyone advise why my planta are small and now recently, starting to receive dark ridges on the leaves?

I am reading others with similar issues and people are responding, Magnesium Deficiency, but i watered with silica and calmag a few days ago.

Thanks everyone!


Welcome to the community! What kind of soil are you using? Also how many weeks since. It broke ground?


Welcome! Have you inspected your leaves for bugs using a scope. What are all the white specs on your leaves? Hard to tell from picture just need to be sure.


Welcome to forum Adrok

I second this.
Well spotted @PhatPat


Actually look fine to me. Growing fast so green being outrun. If soil had nutes at all she will need none for couple weeks. Phed water only is what I would do. She is young. Just my thoughts.

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I have yellow stickies in each pot, which i inspect for bugs but do not see any signs of pests. The white dots i cannot see with the naked eye just when i zoom in close to the leaves with my camera. These are an AK 47 strain, which have been out of the ground since january 4. They are also growing low to the soil (vertically challenged).

Im using Pro Mix HP, which for my seedlings, only mixed in some worm casting, but transplanted on january 25, in the HP promix, with 1/3 worm casting and Gaia Green organic amendments 1 part 4-4-4 one part 2-8-4.

Im running my temps between 68 and 71 Fahrenheit, but my humidity fluctuates on the high side, so i shut down my humidifier and started introducing some fresh air through the inline fan opening, but not running the inline fan yet.

I dont see any bugs, but since people are questioning the white dots, i am now concerned about that as well.

Thank you

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I am not certain what the white specs are.

I dont see signs of pests so i assumed it was part of the leaf. I dont see them with the naked eye, just when i zoom in with my camera.

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Thanks, Storm.

I appreciate the feedback.


Sorry for sounding an alarm. I just know spider mites are hard to see with the naked eye and usually requires a jewelers loupe to be certain. They can wreak havoc on our precious girls.


I have a jewlers eye. I will look into this. Thank you

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Look at bottom of leaves
Not saying they are there but either way a good introduction for future possibilities


We are observing some similarities in another thread from @Skinny as well. Beginning stage of white powder mold could be another possibility. What is your rh and are you providing enough airflow?

Can you zoom closer ? It kinda looks like mines but mines has a difference appearance

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Thanks again. See attached. These photos are really up close. As i inspected, i am not seeing any mites but not sure of any mold issues.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Skinny!

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Other, outside the box question… do you use a humidifier? Calcium in water vapor can be thrown in the air and resembles this look as well.

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+1 that goes for reptile kinda foggers, I went to a evaporative humidifyer the vornado to be exact works very well.

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I use a humidifier but i use bottled distilled water

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