Leaves curling up and some discoloring

Hi, i am growing Blue dream and Grandaddy purp autos in a grow tent in my house. Temps stay around 70-80 (usually around 74). humidity is usually at 40%. i just fed my plants a few about 5 days prior to this post with Nitrogen heavy feed. pH:6.0+ and PPM: 480+.

My leaves are now starting to curl up on the edges and some discoloring. Splotchy brown and yellow spotting. 2 on the right are BD.

Any advice is helpful.

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Plants age and the medium their growing in Grow Bro? Did you test the run off PH and PPMs before feeding. What does heavy nitrogen mean? What nutrient line are you using? Temps are great and would get that RH up to 55-65%. Autos generally start flowering around 42 ish days above ground :love_you_gesture:

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6.0 ph is low for soil. Can and will cause nutrient lockouts. No matter how much you feed will matter if the plant is not taking it up. Try 6.5 as a baseline ph keeping it in a 6.3-6.8 on average I suggest…


Using FOXFARM grow big liquid food currently. grow medium is Miracle grow Organic mix (black bag).

I have grown others this is about my 3rd round. I’ve had issues and fixed them each time but this issue is different and wasn’t sure what it was since it can be a lot. This time around i have been trying to go a tad lower on my pH and will adjust that higher. Before i was always around 6.5 or a little higher so that would make sense.

Guessing it’s not over watering right? i have also been watering the area of the surface more to encourage wider growth which has worked as these are much wider than my others, but wasn’t sure if i was overwatering. Granted my soil is pretty dry right now. I’ll crank up humidity too.

thanks all


Does this contain any nutrients at all or time released? It says enough to feed for 2 months… wondering if the grow big is throwing the ppms and ph off

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Not entirely sure TBH. I’ve tried a few different mediums including this one before and didn’t have the issue. I do think the pH may be off but due to my feeding not medium. I am going to try and flush to a better pH and see if that helps. I’ll let y’all know