Leaves changing color during flowering

Hey everyone. First time poster, first time indoor grower here since my great state of Virginia finally got on board. I’m currently going into week 4 of flowering. I’ve got 3 super skunk plants from ILGM in a 3x3 tent. Getting a little concerned as one of them is starting to get some serious color changing of its leaves. Leaves are turning purple and yellow. I’ve read leaves will change towards the end of flowering but it seems a little early, and the other two are showing no signs of color change. All three are in 5 gallon pots, same bag of FFOF, and have been feeding FF tiger bloom every other watering. Any ideas? Info would be much appreciated. I was thinking light burn at first but none of the other plants are showing any signs of distress. Thanks!


Welcome! It almost looks like she just has some nice colors coming out. Seeds can come from the same plant and grow totally different. They still look very nice.

Are you using only tiger Bloom?


Nice fall colors… I wouldn’t worry about it. If it were me, I would give her a good dose of Cal/Mag and some Epsom Salts… Silca can’t hurt either at this stage


During veg I was using grow big. Since I started flowering I’ve only been using tiger bloom. Every other watering, and at a diluted strength as I was noticing some burnt leaf tips during veg. I’m realizing even the same strain could be totally different as far as results. One of the three plants is still producing huge, bright green fan leaves even during flowering. I guess like a first time dad I was just worried something was going wrong with the one plant that’s suddenly changed color.

Since your using Fox Farm did you flush?
FF can be kinda tricky, they’ll look awesome and trick you into thinking you don’t need to flush and the next thing you know - BAM! Lock Out!!

Happened to me!
I hope you did your flushes per the schedule or it could be trouble.

This is my ILGM Super Skunk right when the Lock Out first started showing…

Here she is 6 days later…

I ended up doing a Sledgehammer flush a few days after that and limped them to the end.
I can’t help but to think it hurt my final yields.
The plant next to it is NYD, so a different strain, but it went through the same thing since they were treated the same throughout the grow. In fact - it may have been a little worse than the SS.

Best of Luck to you!!


I think you might have nailed it with the lock out. I never heard of it until now. In my novice mind I assumed the waterings between feedings would keep me in the clear. I just picked up some sledgehammer and will give all the ladies a proper flushing tonight. Hopefully it’s not too late for my one girl. Being my first indoor grow I’m realizing there’s a lot more I need to learn, but I guess that comes with time. Thanks for the insight.

Welcome to the forum.

Recommend using all 3 parts of the Fox Farm Trio. Big Bloom contains the micronutrients (copper, iron, boron,…) your plants need. I would add Big Bloom. It’s best to continue to use Grow Big (the nitrogen product) throughout flowering, particularly during the stretch when plant size can double.

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Thanks. I just looked up there feeding calendar. I’ll be sure to follow it from here on out.

Be careful. The FF schedule is very aggressive and can lead to nute burn. Many growers will only feed half of the recommended doses for the FF Trio.

What is your reason for flushing? It is typically done to correct pH or PPM problems. Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

I’ve been feeding at the low end of what FF recommends from worry about burning. And I honestly have no idea what my PH is. I know that’s a misstep on my part but up until now things were coming along great. I’m gonna look around for a decent PH meter today. As far as the flush goes I’m just worried about the previously mentioned lock out seeing as I’ve never really flushed them. Could a flushing do more harm than good at this point?

I see no evidence of salt buildup. There’s no reason to flush unless you are addressing pH or PPM problems. I would check the PPM and pH and go from there. If pH and PPM are within reasonable limits you should leave them alone.

Yeah - definitely check run off numbers, I should have mentioned that above.
The other reason I went straight to Lock Out is the color.
I’m doing a clone run with babies cut from my original run seen above. I’ve been using Jacks and microbes only and the plants are perfectly healthy and within a week or two MAX of maturity and that particular color IS NOT showing anywhere in this run. I’m actually getting some lite purple/lavender colors on the mature healthy buds. Not a hint of rusty red anywhere!

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.
But after having grown this exact same strain twice now, back-to-back, once with confirmed lock out, once without, I can only report on my experiences again, with the exact same strain.

If you end up doing the flush I would follow with a quarter to half dose of the schedule. They say to wait until the pot is dry again, but honestly, in bloom they need that boost because Sledgehammer pulls EVERYTHING out of the media.

Again, I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t hurt to hear all the options/opinions.

Best of Luck to you!!

Finally got a set of meters today. Tested my tap water first (well water). Ph is 5.2 and ppm is 70. Watered generously with tap water to test runoff. Runoff came in with a Ph of 5.1 and ppm of 580. I obviously need to raise my ph, not sure about the ppm numbers.

Well thanks to everyone who gave me some input. A week later and the girls all seem to be doing better. After calibrating my ph meter I found my ph to be at 6.7, I honestly think the problem was me underfeeding them and they were starving for nuts. Picked up on the full FF trio schedule, added in some cal/mag and they seem to be doing much better. Like I said. This is my first indoor grow, had good success with my first outdoor grow last summer with some WW autos. Just got into week 5 of flowering and the girls are getting stinky and sticky.

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