Leaves Browning and cupping at bottom of plant

It s Maui wowie strain
Im in the sixth week of veg i think she’s small because of the box i have her in with my limited space .
I have her under four 2800 lumen cfls and two vantage grow lights giving a daily floral spray of 6.2 ph water with kelp fert . Half gallon every three days nute week includes super thrive, black label root enhancer, 2ml of nitro, 1 ml mag and is rooted in miracle grow nature’s care mixed with some azomite powder and worm castings. Please help its my fourth try and i really wanna bring this one to flower . Please assist me if you can

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Whats the best source of phosphorous

Hey Donald j I’m getting back to you because you never replied and I’m having i think adifferent problem now the leaves are clawing up and the tips are Browning

You are using MG soil and an organic blend your ph should be close to 6.5
Bone meal would be a good source of phosphorus but your daily floral spray would also be something I would try stopping just to see if it helps it could actually be burning your leafs

Will do i just super cropped her again because she wss getting to tall my npk phosphorous should be here tomorrow i actually font need too waster het but ill just give her a small feeding 20oz and wait any suggestions also i just realised the lights along with the super cropping any and all advice is welcome and appreciated and thank you for your help so far