Leaves are tacoing up & edges curling up...I need help!

I’m growing feminized seeds, indoor, 5 gallon smart pots, Biobizz Light-Mix soil 100% organic without any nutes, BlackDogLED lights. 1st week of flower. 5 plants. Two Cinderella 99 Bay & three Bay 11 started from seed. Giving Biobizz nutrients. Nutrient schedule is below in a picture👇🏼

Guys I need help! Don’t know what else to try doing because nothing is helping. One very experienced person told me that they don’t look that bad and I should just leave them be but they get A little worse where more leaves are starting to curl up or tacoing up.

I’m growing indoors in 4’x2.5’ BudBox tent with BlackDogLED PhytoMAX-3 8SP which is the same power output as the older version PhytoMAX-2 600 and still using only 410watts. Light is 29" away from canopy which is ideal distance based on the company’s owner who I spoke to who gave me all the details and I’m following everything precisely that’s why I’m not sure what the hell is going wrong. 5 Gallon smart pots in Biobizz Light-Mix soil with us 100% organic peat moss and Perlite. I’m using their Biobizz nutrients all of them. When I first prepared the soil I think I gave a little too much Dolomite lime where my runoff pH is at 7.0-7.4. I always check EC I’m my runoff and it’s always optimal, I try not to overfeed so I watch my PPM and EC, I actually check both :grin:

When I feed I always check pH and make it 6.1-6.3 depending on what stage they’re in. I go up when go to flower and end with 6.3. my PPM is 950-1150, EC 1.8-2.3

I’ve been doing a lot of googling and every single thing they say it could cause curling I’ve tried fixing and it’s not helping. They said it could be the light distance which My lighting distance is perfect. They said it could be heat or cold stress which is not an option because I am between 77° and 84° F and my RH is 55% and I am in first week of flower. The lighting company Black Dog LED recommends the temperature to be 82° to 85° because leaf surface should be at 85° which is their optimal temperature for this light fixture based on the owners statements. Then they said because soil page is a little high I might be getting deficiency on copper zinc phosphorus so I tried lowering my pH and adding all of those and nothing helped. They said it could be calcium and magnesium deficiency because I have purple lines going through The stems and there is a little color discoloration where the leaves get a little light of green and some yellow spots and some brown spots but when I defoliated them a few days ago when I flipped them to flower, I took off all of those ugly leaves. So to supplement calcium and magnesium I have been foiler spraying with calmeg and Yucca extract every night when the lights are off and nothing is helping. I am going to post some pictures below so you can guys take a better look and another picture of the stems with the purple lines going through them. If anyone can please try to identify and give me a real reason or suggestion instead of just making things up, I’d really appreciate everyone’s help on this.

Should I pH feeding water to 4.5% or 5.0% and water them like this a few times or because I added lime to soil it works as a buffer and no matter how many times I water with low pH it will always go back to 7.0-7.4 pH as soon as the water enters the soil and I’ll be wasting my energy with trying to lower soil pH?

Reason I’m asking this question is because I actually did water them twice at 4.5% pH and my runoff came out to 6.8% pH but that did not do anything at all to my curling leaves.

I’m worried that it’ll get worse if I don’t try fixing it. Does anyone think I should just let it be and everything should turn out fine?

I’m just a little paranoid because it’s going to really suck if my harvest is going to be bad or not near the quality it should be or much less and I’ve waisted 4 months on it!

As always everyone’s help is very much appreciated! Have a great the rest of your weekend and stay safe and happy growing!

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Raise or dim light a little, companies givr a base line for hanging height but each plant can be different.
Light stress can cause this. .
Sounds like you’re soil, ph and ppm is dialed in so i believe your good there of course…

Take a look at the chart.
It could very well be the environment.
Typically the ranges you listed are fine, but it’s not ideal.
Again though, some plants can just be a little less tolerate… .

Instead of messing with light height, I’d try adjusting temp or humidity to get my VPD dialed in where it needs to be for early flower.
Idk anything about this light company but from what they’ve told you so far, I would trust them from actual growing info my friend…

I also advise against take big swings at ph levels with crazy ph levels going in…

Being organic soil, if your soil has a good microbial life going on, then ph isn’t a big deal, the microbes will keep it in line, long as water ph is anywhere between 6-7 riding the middle is what most do…

But id try light adjustment raise and /or lower dimmer, and adjust environment based on VPD chart no matter what…


Do you have fans blowing on the leaves?

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@Caligurl Definitely not fans, I have them barely touching the tops and both are oscillating 6-in fans so it’s not the wind 100%. Good thought though! Definitely could be the wind burn but it’s definitely not :grin: Thank you for your help​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

@1HappyPappy Thanks for the feedback! It’s not the light for sure, I already figured it out and they bounced back already after intense foliar every night at light off with Cal-Mag, Yucca, silica. The problem is my soil, I gave too much Dolomite lime when amending the soil before planting and lime locked my pH at 7.0 - 7.4 around there because it fluctuates and I can’t get it down so I have to ride it out and supplement for looks like calcium and magnesium deficiency. Here’s what they look like today :point_down:t3:

After speaking with a couple of people who run growing warehouses of over 6000 plants, both said it’s best to leave it alone because I’ll do more damage if I try to adjust soil pH or if a start adding more nutes to try fixing the problem. Since the only thing I can think of I did wrong was adding too much lime because the runoff pH was at over 7.0, I thought it looked like Ca Mg deficiency, that’s why I tried foliar with Cal-Mag.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your feedback regardless. Enjoy your weekend and happy growing
smoke out


Solid info. Lime will definitely raise ph.

Now I’m just hoping this won’t mess with my final yield. Either way thought lesson learned for sure. This was a new company if lime I bought and apparently I gave too much.


I think a lot of the problem is the way you have trained them. You left too many branches, and then you took away the fans support them as well. You trained her for more than she can support.

Next time remove some of the smaller “suckers” and then you’ll have room for more fans too.

When you gave the foliage feedings it skips the soil and goes straight to the plant. That was smart thinking.
Only real change you made and they definitely doing better, I’d say thats a win.

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Thanks brother, those are coming off on my second defoliation round. Then on day 45 I’m doing a third defoliation. I have a process that I follow but thanks for the advice!
The problem that I was having cannot had come from leaving some of the suckers on the branch and the only reason I left them is because they are still stretching and some of those suckers grow real fast and some of them will catch up and have to wait three flour I’m going to defoliate the second time and all of those suckers are coming off because they are not growing anymore and at that point I’m only leaving the branches that get the light the rest is coming off to get all the energy to the buds.


It only occurred to me because it’s my theory about what went wrong in one of my own grows. Had 2 plants, side by side, same soil same feeding and watering schedule. Just could not keep the one plant happy, seemed to have cal mag issues. The only difference seemed to be the number of tops it had - about twice as many as her sister. That pheno was really proud of its branches and developed a ton of them.

I still ended up with some great smoke. Good luck, happy growing!


Heavy foliage feeding can also mean a heat:humidity ratio being off:

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Another good thinking on your part, but that’s another aspect I kept in check and under control with dehumidifier, AC exhaust fan and inline intake fan on the bottom so I had to perfect airflow and perfect temperature with perfect humidity at 78°-82° and 45%-55% RH. I only needed the dehumidifier for the first hour, then with my inline and exhaust fans pumping kept it at an optimal level. After 2 hours I needed to add humidity with my tiny humidifier intermittently.

Again thanks for your help and great thinking :thinking::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

Also this problem started happening prior to heavy foliar feeding. I only started heavy foliar feeding to hopefully fix the deficiency and luckily I was right on point. What made me decide to specifically add CalMag was the fact that leaves were turning light green color and stems were showing people lines going through them which isa typical CalMag deficiency, so I figured if roots are locking them out then I’ll try foliar feeding them CalMag… lo and behold I was right.

Also don’t count on those charts because I can already tell that it’s a little off. I always use The same temperature regardless what stage they are in which is between 78° and 85° depending on the season and RH for seedlings 65% - 80%, Veg 55% - 70%, flower 40% - 55% and I have never had problems, ever.

Someone from Black Dog LED company recommended I use these parameters and I’ve been successful ever since and never had any problems.

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Yes, but when you foilar feed, you f with the humidity even if it’s temporary. Also wondering what is on the soil? Looks like perlite? Can’t tell with the blurple lighting

I don’t know if you knew this but you are allowed to foliar feed your plants up to the end of third week and flower because then you don’t want any moisture on those buds but until then you are more than welcome to foliar feed without any risk. Whoever told you you can’t do that because it changes the humidity, that’s not accurate. Of course humidity will go up after you spray your plants with liquid, but after some time up to an hour usually it all soaks in / dries up and humidity goes back to normal. Depending on your climate you might need to add a dehumidifier like I had to for the first hour. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never had a single problem so that should tell you something. Sounds like you’re knew and if you are, then we have to learn somewhere. I appreciate your input anyway. I am open minded and always welcome constructive criticism :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that’s about 1 in of perlite on top of my soil. It helps prevent excavating holes in my pots when watering, it doesn’t dig holes in my soil, instead the water spreads nice and even without making holes. I hope that answered your question.

I use plain perlite on top of my soil, but when I am amending soil a couple of weeks before planting I add “Enhanced Perlite Mix” by Harvest Hero because they have a patent pending for their perlite because they mix it with Damascus Earth, and a few other things and the end result is it helps with nutrient uptake, makes you stems much stronger so they don’t fall over and break once the buds get heavy, and helps grow a little taller. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend trying it because you won’t grow without it after you try it :point_down:t3:

INGREDIENTS – Perlite: 71.40% - Natural Diatomaceous Earth (17.10%) - Fertilizer: 5.70% - Proprietary Aqueous solution: 5.00% - Essential Nutrients (5.70% – 0 – 10 – 10) - Other ingredients: 0.80%. Increases your bloom.

RESULTS –28% Increase in Flower Bud Dry Weight - 16% Increase in CBD Yield - 22% Increase in Plant Diameter - 8% Increase in Plant Height - 12% Increase in Nitrogen Accumulation - 35% Increase in Phosphorus Accumulation - 21% Increase in Potassium Accumulation. Developed by Dicalite which was founded in 1949. Hemp and Cannabis soil. Check out You Tube reviews.

And the best part is that it’s designed and tuned specifically for cannabis cultivation!


cali didn’t say you can’t foliar feed.

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You are correct, she didn’t actually say the words that I CAN’T foliar feed, but that’s pretty much what she said without actually saying it. Here’s what she said :point_down:t3:, she’s not making a statement she is implying that I mess with humidity which means I’m doing something bad or wrong which is far from truth. It does change the humidity obviously, but not in the bad way unless you do it the wrong way. @alexankh am I missing something here, do you know something I don’t that you made that statement?

“Yes, but when you foilar feed, you f with the humidity even if it’s temporary.”

Don’t put words in my mouth. Done and done. Sounds like you are already the expert so I cannot contribute anything - bye bye

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