Leaf problems, need help Please

Hi All, I’m a beginner on my second grow and have an issue with deformed leaves on 2 of my 5 plants, I need some advice on how to proceed.
The 2 plants I have an issue with are skywalker og, and Fruity pebbles both from seeds and all seeds came from Growers choice (all my new seeds are from ILGM and will be used on my next grow).
The other plants are critical Kush from seed and critical Kush clone from my last harvest and the baby is supposed to be a fem cindy99 but in my last grow it started flowering at day 55 so I planted it 5 weeks behind the others so they all finish close to the same time thinking I got all autos but we will see.
Sorry, my photos of the other plants did not download so only have pictures of affected plants.
I’m using FF soil and ferts, soil is a mix of happy frog and oceans forest with 20% pert in 4 gallon pots. Light is a famurs 2000 watt LED light in a 5x5 tent.
By all the helpful pictures I find here at ILGM it appears to be a tobacco mosaic virus but now that it’s on more than 1 plant I’m afraid it may be something else, or just (growers choice) genetics have it.
I noticed the 2 deformed leaves on sky very early when it was a seeding but it never got any worse but now see it on a few more leaves and on FP.
Between both plants, total of about 15 leaves are affected.
I also looked for aphids on and under with a jewelers loop and don’t see anything.
I will attach photo’s of all please be kind I made some mistakes trimming too much to early and now am in the process of some LST
Any help is appreciated I have been diggin the forums on here and hope I’m doing this correctly please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.


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Looks like a form of leaf variegation. It’s genetic and not harmful.


Thank you for the quick reply and your expertise Bobbydigital very much appreciated.
Forgot to mention this is day 43 since putting in 4 gallon pots going to flip soon.

Quick guns was gonna say variagation and or look for bugs put a light above leafe look for dark spots easy way to spot bugs

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Varigation is one side of the stem its one color other side its different in some kinda way

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Thanks for weighing in fano_man (I’m not sure how to add your name other than typing it in, if I’m doing it wrong let me know please)
On the second picture, you can see some brown spots on the top and they are darker on the underside so I looked for bugs with a jewelers loop under 30 and 50X’s mag and saw no bugs
If it is Varigation how common is it to happen in 2 different strains at the same time? (seeds did come from the same supplier)
Thanks for your help!

2 seperate strains not impossible i had purple haze that i kept alive geneticly for almost 2 yrs and almost every clone had a few leaves not sure if its enviomnet prone or random

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Thanks for getting back to me @fano_man very much appreciated!
Plants are doing good but I’m still trying to get my PH runoff to come up it is very low on a couple of the plants. I also added another famurs 2000 watt LED light so 2 of those lights total 834 watts and it seems the plants are liking it!
Thanks again

Dosent that bother you it says its 2000 watts and only 400 and change actually

Yes it does, don’t know how they figure it or get away with it.
I probably would have never known if it wasn’t for this great forum and the people who participate sharing and guiding others, I’m learning a great deal and hoping for great results in the near future.
Thanks brother


Hi all, My runoff PH numbers are very low even after a flush of 15 gallons PH to 6.7 runoff started at 5.1 finished at 5.5
ppm finished at 146, ec finished .3
City water used after sitting a week
4 gallon pots
Mix of 40% HP and 40% OF with 20%perlite

I also may have another leaf issue not sure if related to genetic
I’ll add pics of all
Plants all look healthy and similar runoff numbers with other plants

Changes from above I added another famurs 2000 watt LED light so have 2 in the tent little over 830watts at wall.
Started calmag 1 week before change to 12/12
Days since flipping 14

@BobbyDigital @fano_man @kaptain3d @Covertgrower

Should I be concerned with PH runoff numbers as long as plants still appear they are doing well?

Is the current leaf issue still genetics?

Group pic

before flushing


Any and all opinions welcome Thank You

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Hello spanky im a newbie also . I have limited knowledge but willing to learn and improve my methods.
I’m having the same problem with Blue Berry, Banana kush and a unknown strain (sativa) 6 total 2 of each. Mine are not as far alone as yours. They are in a mix of ocean forest, happy frog and perlite in 3gal pots. 3 Blurple- 2 300w & 1 600w approx 26 above. Nuks are 3ml Flora nova grow,1ml cal/mag, 1ml terpnator, just because I don’t know better😔.
On every flower ( excuse the poor terminology ) in the center is a shade of yellow like you pic. The rest of the plant looks healthy.
So hope to get some insite by tagging alone if you don’t mine.

Oh sorry the nukes are per 1 gal water that aged for chlorine

You are welcome to tag along anytime @Ben-jam-in I’m surprised no one has weighed in yet they are usually pretty fast around here.
I’ll try tagging in a few more experts to weigh in.

Very low soil PH numbers and yellowing of veins first then spread to leaves. I’m not talking about the genetic issue with the leaves
Please see post 11 with current information pics and numbers.
I also flushed 2 more plants today they had similar numbers and issues

@merlin44 @fano_man @BobbyDigital @kaptain3d @Ironman26

I’m just seeing leaf variegation there. Is this on a single plant or all of them?

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It’s on 2 of the 4 plants, mainly on the fan leaves @BobbyDigital
If you look close at the last picture you can see it starting to yellow just in the veins after that it spreads out

I’m only in the second week of flower and in my last grow after about 4-6 weeks into flower they just stopped growing and eating so I think its a issue with what I’m doing or using/not using


@spankyjr1 guess I didn’t see all your pic the first time, it’s like dial speed here in s. IL.

don’t know how good these pics are but this is mine. Only the centers not out on the leaf as of yet.

I can’t see anything that just jumps out and says here’s the issue. I know as far as runoff ph… It is somewhat normal for it to be low compared to the water going in after using nutrients. The dissolved salt buildup contributes to that. If your plants respond well after feeding them well after that flushing you did i wouldn’t worry with the runoff ph too much but do watch the runoff ppm as it will tell you how much the plants are using.

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Thank you @Ironman26 that makes sense but all I have read here in the forums is to get PH runoff above 6 and I don’t want any issues with just starting flower, I’m hoping for a decent grow trying to avoid any problems. I did feed after the flush before sticking back in the tent
Merry Christmas

Sorry @Ben-jam-in but can’t see anything with that lighting, when taking pictures you need it to be in natural light with flash if it’s too dark.

Hate to say it I’m from crook county Il. as well