Leaf discoloration and wilting

LED lights, Coco medium 6.2 pH water 12 hour light cycle. auto pot adequate amounts of Calmag according to instruction

Howdy. So are they in flower? Autos right? If they are flowering and past 4th week in. The leaves get the nitrogen sucked outta of em by the buds. So if your in flower. Could be whats supposed to be happening…how far along?

Leaves come and go. How about pics of the whole plant?


pH is too high. It should be between 5.8 and 6.0


This ^^^^^^

yes, they are in flower but very early flowering

thank you

thank you for your reply

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The plant doesn’t look too bad aside from a little drooping, which is normal. I wouldn’t worry about 1 leaf looking bad.

Your pH target should be 5.8 in coco.

Happy growing.


I recalibrated my pH meter, which I should’ve done sometime ago, and I am at 5.7 so I don’t think that’s a problem. I did overwater them a while back perhaps they’re just responding to that. I had some final nutrients I wanted to get into the soil and with auto pots it’s hard to add minerals from the bottom up. Perhaps that was the problem. I appreciate all the response.