Leaf blades canoeing downwards and whole leaf fan reaching upwards

Hey peeps this is what i observed:

3 days ago i noticed this plant turning its fan upwards, that time the leaves weren’t canoeing just directing themselves upwards (like praying towards the light). The distance to the light was about 3 inches. I didn’t think of it much that time, and proceeded to top my plant.

3 days later this is what i discover, leaves rolled canoeing downwards and the whole fan turning upwards (like praying fingers), creepy…

So i moved the lights away to like 6 inches, what do you guys think? And the roots are also not in the healthiest of shape…

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Hey I don’t know what issue could cause that problem it looks like the leaves have signs of deficiency and what light are you using to have it that close? Also what nutrients are you using? @dbrn32 @Graysin @OGIncognito may know if not they will definitely know who to ask

Thanks for the tag @Shaggy01

@N00b my biggest questions are this:
Is this just plain hydro DWC? Or do you have a pump/water chiller?

Okay let me do this right. Can you fill out this ticket- provide the answers to the following questions:

It looks heat stressed, for sure, but the PH and water temperatures will help even more.

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I think @Myfriendis410 would say Nitrogen excess. Don’t quote me on it. I can’t do any Hydro system.

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It’s no problem I knew between you and the others someone could help.


Fill out the Support Ticket and we’ll see if we can get straightened out.


NA (non-applicable)

• What strain : Bag seeds

• Method: Hydroponics

• Vessels: Buckets

• PH of Water : 5.5 - 6 (I let it drift)

• PPM/TDS : 117 (I dont have GH hydroponics here, so im using some off brand stuff i just increase/decrease the ppm till the plant does what i want)

• Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor

• Light system : 3000W 75/144 IR & UV LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Hanging Rope Growing Growth Light Lamp Panel-buy at a low prices on Joom e-commerce platform

I got two of the above lights trained on my plants 6 inches away from Canopy.

• Temps; Day = 30 Degrees Celsius , Night = 26 Degrees Celsius

• Humidity; Day/Night = Approx. 65%

• Ventilation system; Yes ,Size = A fan blowing in room @ 10 x 10

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: N/A

• Co2; No

If growing Hydro some additional questions:

-DWC with air pump
-Distance of liquid below net pot: (2 inches)
-Temperature of reservoir: 30 Degrees Celsius (ambient temp, as i have no temp control)
-TDS of nutrient solution: 117ppm
-Amount of air to solution: Don’t know

Ticket filled below

30C is way too high in the reservoir. Root rot is gonna be hard to prevent and oxygenation reduced due to high temps.

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True that and what about the canoeing leaves, i haven’t been able to find any other plants with such problems on the internet. (Leaves canoeing downwards and turning upright at the same time???)

This is a sign of a root issue or heat stress.

Also i want to add the canoeing started from top to bottom, i think this ones a goner so maybe ill just plant it in soil, it’s taken alot of abuse lately. :pensive:

And im investing in a temp control system now. Do this right the 2nd time round, ebb and flow. Wish me luck