L.E.D.lights? which are better?

hey guys i am looking to buy a new light source for my herbs and i was trying to get some input on what led’s are the best for the money. i have recently seen that some companies latest models of leds have like 2 light areas and are called COB’s? can anyone tell me the difference between a COB led and a regular led and what are the pros and cons? thanks everyone

My understanding is the cob light are supposed to be a little more efficient?
I own 300 watt 9 band led with uv and ir that draw 147 actual
And 400 watt full spectrum cob style that draw 197 watt actual
I’m running 2 of ea in my tent light are of the (same mfg )under different name brand
In my case it appears the 300 watt are doing a little better not much and might not notice the difference if the where not in same tent
But both work great :+1:
Cob style has more of a natural white / yellow color

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@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks country, what brand do you suggest? i was looking at mars and galexy? whats your suggestions?

I personally own 4 300 watt galaxy hydro and 2 roleadro 400 watt full spectrum cob 2nd gen (same company )
And didn’t pay more than $99 for any of them :+1:
I can’t speak of any other mfg since I don’t have experience with them
There are a few guys using them also I beive @Masshole has them with good results
Check out my thread
And Here we go my first indoor grow fir pics bro

hey i was looking at the rolaedro and i see that they seem to be the cheapest but they dont give a true wattage and on their reviews people say you need to change their chips. is that true do you know?

Not sure which one your looking at but the one I used they had it listed ?
The 400 watt 2nd gen pull 197 watts that’s the 99$ light
I cant post links I’m tech challenged lol

its all good man i appreciate it. i am looking at the galexy 600 watt and the mars 96 series. which do you like?

Wow just checked out Amazon and your right it’s no longer listed ? Strange I know I saw it listed it one of the reasons I bought it lol
I was looking at another brand forget which one but there 1000 watt light drew 250 watts and the 400 had a draw of 197 so I went with them ? Strange bro

I was going to grab the 600 galaxy hydro myself
Because I love the results of my 300 watt version :+1::sunglasses:
Again can’t speak good or bad about other brands

yeah i was just on ebay and they have 2 300watt mars for $137 for both. i am wondering if two 300 watts will be better then the 600 watt

I’ve heard good thing about them and for that price you can’t go wrong
You’ll cover a bit more area @pbs86 with two light it’s still ads up to same wattage

Advanced LED diamond series if you don’t mind dropping $1500 bucks on one. Personally I use Viparspectra LEDs. They’re around $200


Speaking for myself i’m not sure a home grower needs a $1500- grow light. You would need to grow a lot of weed just to break even. Holy cow. That must be some light.


my buddy has a couple “kind” leds. they are super sweet but super expensive. again he grows for a living also

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I’m gonna add two more of the under $100- 300 watt led 140 watt draw lights between now and my next grow. The lights I bought on e- site look just like the mars units and have the same power ratings. My guess is that there is one or two companies making them and then they all stick their different labels on them.

I can justify $300 for 450 ish true watts that will cover my new grow area completely.


Get an led that’s full spectrum, and one that has 10 watt chips there more efficient, brighter, and likely to last longer, but when looking at led lights you also wanna look at the heat syncs because those will burn out before the led chips


i just read that that most ideal chip you want in your grow light is is the 3 watt because it is the most effecient. the 5 and 10 watt diodes produce too much heat and use too much energy causing a higher energy bill and so forth

As a grower using 10 watt chips I disagree temps dont get over 56 in my plants room unless I run a heater 3 Watts are close to the least efficient led chips. 10 watt chips are much brighter and also allow them to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy

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I concur and the difference in electricity gain at first, you gone a lose it in the run by longer period of growth and less yielding and therefore more growth to satisfy your need. :v::innocent:

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Exactly lol

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