I wish this idea was mine but someone close suggested they use my 100 gal KOI pond for there hydroponics system :metal:

I bought these guys when they were like an inch :rofl:

I have had them for years but i never put plants in there. Is there anything i should know about? also they are not going to grow cannabis. probably like spinach / lettuce, ya know all that rabbit food. lol


I’ve got no advice or opinion other than thinking this is super cool. I’ll have my eyes on it in case you document your rabbit food :metal:

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There’s an aquaponics thread. I think @Donaldj started it. Can it be done? Yes and it’s awesome when it works. But the thread details the many ways it can go wrong too.

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I would say the biggest problem would be keeping the ph low enough for the plants without stressing out the koi. The koi are prone to bacterial infections, swim bladder infections, nitrogen burn, and leisions if the water ph is much below 6. Honestly 6.5. Ideally they like it above 7 in the 7-7.5 range. Plants (canna or lettuce and toms) are all nutrient locked at that ph. Keeping the ph low enough to have soluble nutes and not too low for the fish would be the balance challenge.

This winter I did an aquaponic tomatoes, lettuce, and basil and I had this exact problem. My ph was too high and the plants survived. But did not yield harvest of any kind. Survival mode so to speak.

Tilapia don’t care so on a clean slate I think are a better choice. But since you have your pets you have what you have. I would do it for sure just for fun. Even if it works great or falls short of expectations. Sound like a blast to me. Happy growing


Very cool setup I want to follow along see how this works out

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yeah i was thinking about that and she has been using our well water for her stuff and it seems to be doing ok. water is definitely more alkaline at ph about 7.6-7.8. i have suffered issues with my inside fish because they actually like more acidic water and i believe because this that i had issues. once i started add would with tannins to the tanks it made it natural more acidic and have not had any issues. the koi outside are beasts! can’t tell you how many times im walking by and see a 6" fish flopping on concrete lol. i pick em up and throw them back in. they don’t care it seems and have been doing great for years. but its alkaline water like you said they like… i guess she going to try anyway lol.

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i will try to find it thanks