Fist fish and bud attempt, in flower, fighting ph

Hey all, first off I’d link to thank the growing with fishes podcast guys for all the inspiration and info the provide!
A lil about me, well I’m pretty new to growing in general. Have 5 DWC grows under my belt so still a total noob. My big pascion is to farm raise saltwater shrimp in the desert southwest where I live.

So when I came across aquaponics and cannabis I was hooked!
So started my first lady in aquaponics this spring. Used a 20g fish tank with some minors from the local golf course ponds. And started 1 Critical Kush lady outside in a dual root zone bucket just like I saw in Martys videos.
Brought this lady inside one and a half weeks ago and she’s stacking buds so far, so so far so good.

But I’ve been battling high ph from the beginning, I’ve recently started using R/O water to top off the tank and still using ph down to lower ph. Hoping with the R/O it will slowly come down.

My biggest question is about nutrients during flower and how to add phosphorus and potassium to the plant.
So far just been using Roots Organics Bloom nutes. And adding it to the soil layer.
I’ve heard the guys talk about ferments and labs on the show but I’m still fuzzy on what to use in a ferment to get what the plant needs in flower.

Anyway here are some pics of my Kush!



HA! The last pic!

When I finally figure out what damn ratio to use I do the same thing!

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Your baby is either hungry or its getting water logged… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Lol I hadon’t to write down the mix or I’d forget it!

She’s been in the same tote with the same fish tank since flower. If it was to much water wouldn’t she have drowned already?

I the Houghton it was the ph being out of range that’s causing her to complain.

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Not a hydro grower, but something to keep in mind is regular evaporation. Like reducing wine for a sauce, the nutes your plants are not using are concentrating as water evaporates.


My plant is in aquaponics, so any left over nutes from the fish waste are being eaten up by the planter bed I have outside full of vegetables.
And only feeding bloom nutes through the soil layer on top of the pot.

The ph has been a problem since the beginning. In a new aquaponics setup, as the bacteria builds and breaks down the fish waste it will slowly lower the ph.

At least that’s what I’m learning, that and now that I’m using R/O water instead of ph buffed tap water. Things should straighten itself out, I hope anyway lol.

I have started a swirl filter and am going to feed all the solid waste caught in it to the worm bed I have.
And I think I have the ph closer to stable and in range!

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@Aquaponic_Dumme is the ilgm aquaponics specialist
Maybe he could she’d some light

Im curious of what fish feed you’re using.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look and post!

I have some minows from a golf course pond and a few goldfish from walfart.

How about their feed? fish pellets? or flakes?

Started with flake but switched to pellet after hearing flakes are no good.


Dude, your face is familiar… Do I know you? :slight_smile:

Lol not sure, I have done a couple films and own an ice cream truck. Maybe you’ve bought ice cream or heard my band lol.

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Well harvested our first run at dual root zone aquaponics last night during the growing with fishes podcast!
I am extremely happy with this trial run and the fact that we got some great looking buds is soooo exciting!
I know I’ll be growing this way from now on!


Dude those are sum awesome nugs!! Super dense … great job!! :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much! It tested at 23% and the dispensary where the seed came from loved it.

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