KNF LABS - Chris Trump ~ Hawaii

This is capturing your own beneficial bacteria.

Ingredients: Water, Rice wash, Milk.


Would you just water your plants with this??


Yes you can. You can start by adding it to your compost to really allow the bacteria to colonize.

LAB has many uses. Most KNF concoctions are used as a foliar spray.

You can also ingest this for your good health.

Perhaps a search would be in line for you. Peace

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Have you ever made cheese out of this brew? Been thinking of messing with it.


It is mentioned in this video that they made a video about processing the top layer into cheese. Look for it. :slight_smile:

Made my first batch of LAB and will be using it as a watering source. Researching this brings the ratio to 1:1000. 1 part lab to 1000 parts water. Happy growing!!!..:thinking::v:

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In the same boat… watered my soil with a homemade LAB culture diluted at 20:1 and then used at 2 T per gallon. I think that gets us to about 1000:1

Even watered my precious little Amnesia Haze Auto seedling with it. She seems to have loved it.

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actually 3/4 of a T spoon is 1:1000 but hey if your girls like what your doing well, Happy Growing.:+1:

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What has your research told you about frequency of application?

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More to add to compost or soil with Organic matter in it about 1 time a month.

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@BlackShirt when I make my earth worm casting tea, I add 3/4 t spoon of lab and 1/2 t spoon of Bergmans flower time fertilizer to 1 gal of rain water, I aerorate it for 24 hours then ph it to 6.5 and feed all of it to my 3 plants 1 x a month. rest of feedings are with rain water and big bloom and/or bergmans flower time and at least 1 x month just rain water. Here are some pics at 21 days of flower time.


Love the rain water plan…sometimes I’ll collect some water from a fairly quick moving stream for teas.

In my understanding, the lactobacillus culture is facultative anaerobe. Would it make more sense to add that to at the tea AFTER the aeration cycle? Maybe I’m missing something… can you explain your logic to me??


You may be right about adding after the aeration, I mix it during, it starts it majic on the organics in the water. I have fuzzy logic. I really don’t know if it matters. I’m new at this and open to any enlightenment. Happy growing.

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I installed a food grade 55 gal barrel to collect rain water, use it for all feedings and waterings.