Kevrock and 15 ak47 autos 1320w gavita lighting and promix


If you guess the dry weight of my grow Ill donate 2 seeds of Fem. blueberry to the winner…lol…seeds are from ilgm…best seeds quality And service around…

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How ya doing my friend. Have you heard of Norwell, Mass. It’s just off route 3 Nex to Rockland, and Hanover, Mass. Well that’s where i grew up.
There is quite a few here from the Boston area so you should feel right at home here…lol
If you ever need any help just tag me ok

By the way here is a link to my journal on Auto flowering plants

Will joint

Well here update on this grow with cpl pics… going good…rh35% temp 77* , Neptunes organic seaweed, humic acid, amor si, ff nutes, week 3…
Question does one counting days when they sprout…or after seedling stage or first set of true leaves? I am going from leaves…so day 19…4 photos(3 ayuhuasca,1 blueberry) the rest are ak47 autos from ILGM… SO I have 2 inches of hydroten at bottom and promix(hp) with azomite…granular mychorizzae, and some wiggle worm worm castings topped (about 1.5/2in) … just gave a dose of casting/seaweed/humic avid,bat guano tea) diluted pretty good…at day 19…I have 4x4 tent with two 660w Gavitas at 4ft away for another week (trying to stretch a bit , I get really tight nodes andI need them to stretch so when they go nutz filling in they will get a lot bigger yield (i hope! )… got a 8000btu a/c on wheels that blows in tent with 4 6" inline I the tent vents… so plenty of air flow… temps are steady with a slight decrease during 4 hours dark 5*/8* lower to 68/70* so when they are able to handle more they (20 plants) will have 1320watts Gavita on them at 24" to 28" away with perfect temps… humidity and nutes…i like to hit them 2x with casting special teas… once at 3wk and than 6wks than the cha/ching ,bestie bloomz, tiger bloom.big bloom… do great during flower.

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