Keep trying or move on?

Do you think i should keep giving this guy love or should i move on?


If you think love is water then definitely stop loving her. Is this a hydro? It is really hard to answer questions without all info.


The cube is way too wet. Maybe take a couple paper towels and try to sop up some water from. And have another bean on deck. Cannabis seedlings need very little water as roots establish. Only a couple of ml’s a day.


Ive not used rockwool before but it looks like you have algea growing on it, that cant be good.
Id move on she doesnt look well at all…IMO if the germ and seedling stages arent between 90-100% perfect, especially if an autoflower, your yeild will suffer greatly.


Pop a seed in some moist good soil, and stick a baggie over the top of the solo cup. Wait for it to germinate, then just barely water it when completely dry. Works way better than those cubes.


Thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate it.


A couple things -

Algae: mix 4ml per gallon Barley Straw Extract into nute solution then itvwont grow, wont hurt plants or you.

Cubes: Soak cubes in 500 ppm EC*700 nute solution @5.6 PH, the cubes are alkaline so it will even out, 300 ppms of the 500 should be cal-mag Do not soak seeds overnight.

Plant seeds in rockwool pinch top hole shut. Do NOT water it. Get 3" cubes, repeat process with 600 ppm food and transplant.

Dont water it then either. Once roots grow out of 3" cube bottom transplant into hydro system. Water :lightly untill roots grow into where nute solution is then stop.

Pulled off all the rock wool and put fresh dry and made a little Dome. What do you think?

I also clipped off a dying little leaf and gently dabbed off some of the water on the leaves with a napkin. And I’m playing classical music for him


Agreed I have decided I do not like the rockwool cubes

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Get rid of the dome, you’re already over watered. Those cubes hold tons of water. Put a gentle fan on her and don’t water again till the cube is light to lift :metal:

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Welcome to the community ! :v: I’m with @Dexterado You might consider using seed starter soil get the little seedlings up and going an you can move to whatever you like. Good luck

To be honest start again she looks like she never gets a dry period she is way to wet

Get the those spikes i think there made of peat and coco coir you get them at the hydro store but i think u will be ok with the rock wool i would look at growing it up alittle bigger before you put in a dwc system grow it up so it has three nodes then drop it in to ur system

Thank you everyone


Ur welcome anytime

I do the same thing as baggie but with water bottle bottoms. Easy to clean and reuse imo.