Just thinking about getting started (or should I just buy it already grown?)

Hi. I just joined the forum. We just legalized recreational marijuana in our state and I am interested in trying to grow a plant or two for myself. I’m the kind of guy who brews his own beer so this seemed like a natural thing to try. My basement seems to be the best spot in terms of space though it is chilly down there. I have been trying to figure out what I need just for a simple grow of 1 or 2 plants. I assume a tent box with led lighting and air flow. I was thinking of something like this?


Is the right way to go? Too little? Too much? Is a cool basement a bad plan?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I don’t know about the setup that you’re looking at, but anyplace will work, you just need to control the environment. I grow so that I DON’T have to buy it. Saves A LOT of money.

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Welcome to the forum.
Personally I would drop a bit more money to start. You’ll be happy you did when you realize how much you enjoy smoking your own bud.
I’d piece your setup together. You’ll save some money. Below is good starting point
4x4x78 tent. The extra space is a must.
Spend extra for more powerful lights. Mine is a 1200 watt Bestva reflector series
Digital ph tester is a must
TDS/PPM tester
Small fan for air flow in the tent
Surge protector
Timer for lights
Digital thermometer/humidity guage
3 to 5 gallon fabric pot.
4 inch inline fan
Carbon filter
Heater just in case you need it. Temps should stay in mid seventies during lights on. Mid sixties during lights out.
I know it seems like a lot to start. I’m a firm believer in doing it right the first time. After the first grow or two you should have, if all goes well, recouped your investment in bud. My first grow I totaled almost four ounces. At 200 an oz that almost doubled what I paid for my initial set up.
Learn about ph. It’s the most important part of growing. ILGM main site at the bottom of the page has a section called ILGM guides. The guide has a wealth of information.


Suggest you shop around and buy seperately. Much like buying a stereo system. Better to match ur needs than to buy a “complete set”.

I would suggest a 4x4x7 or 8’ tent. It will handle up to 6 slender profile plants or two SROG. Now should be a good time to buy as the black friday sales are all over. I saw one for $70. A 12’section of ducting, a small 6" fan and a speed control cost $40. Lights depends on if you want LED or HID.
If not in a rush, look for local online garden n hardware ads selling lights and such. Usually can pick them up for 50% of retail price. Cash…makes people friendly.

good luck

Thanks guys. This is helpful. I will review all this. I’m not currently a smoker but now that it’s legal I figure why not give it a try. That’s why I am still thinking about whether or not to start growing right away.

Your lists are super helpful.


Much like brewing, which many of us do too, there’s nothing better than sharing what you’ve made and people being blown away by it. Nothing like home grown. No wondering about what it is or what’s in it.

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@Snackdog if you’re legal, just wait till spring and grow outdoors. It has its own challenges but it’s a lot less complicated than indoors and you can harvest pounds instead of ounces.


Hmm I hadn’t thought of that.

If it’s cool in basement, I suggest a 315w or 630w cmh grow lights

It looks like you have to have the, completely enclosed or unviewable to the public to grow outside in Michigan. I was thinking of my backyard garden but the neighbors would see in theory.


@Snackdog if your doing 2 plants at once it depends on if it’s gonna be bushy or tall. I would recommend hydrocrunch brand. That’s what I got with air cooled light and all the necessitys with tent. I got my whole setup for around 400 to 500 dollars comes with ballast, 600 watt HPS bulb and 600 watt MPS bulb. I got 2 bushy plants and they love the environment there in. Basement should be fine in my opinion mines in a barn/shop. BTW tent I’m using is 4x4. It’s cheaper to grow than buying an already grown plant. Also with already grown plants from a seller you wouldn’t know what they had done to it or if it’s gonna die later on. My .02 is to to start from scratch than buying already grown plants. Also use Sohum soil. All organic you won’t have to nute plants with this soil or even habe to ph balance your water. My 2 plants grew very beautiful with no problems in that Sohum soil and it’s also pest and mildew resistant meaning less work on soil lol

Would get a 4x4 tent. I’m also using a bestva 1200 light and using sohum soil. Thats it . get a fan to mive air and filter down road for future.
But I’m doing it basic with just sohum soil and just switched to flower.plants growing great lot’s of buds starting to form( scrogg method)
But if you can spend a few hundred .well worth it!! You’ll wonder what you did before growing

I would buy a little first and if it’s your thing by all means join the growers club

This is the stuff I have. Obviously, I am a fan of Amazon:

I agree, wait until spring and try outdoors first. Less investment if growing isn’t for you.

If it’s to be discrete couldn’t you train the plant to grow horizontally? Sure won’t get the massive colas but still lots of bud overall. Stealth growing is enjoyable and can still be in the open even obvious but just doesn’t look like a typical ganja plant therefore doesn’t click as being a pot plant in the persons mind. You could also use bright flowers in a bright white flower pot in front of it to draw attention away from the main beauty of the yard. I’ve done this in the past and worked amazing but the only difference was the flowers were in front of a 5’ tall Green crack Christmas tree within the 1st 8’ of the garden entrance. No one ever noticed it because it was so obvious.

I could try mixing it in with the tomatoes…

That’s a great idea! Will also be a good photo at harvest time