Just switched to 12/12

@garrigan62 @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 j just switched my lights. Pretty positive I got the light locked up tight as a nuns ass hole. So I’m just checking do these pics look like this gold leaf is starting to go into bloom? Looks like the rest of my autos that already have.


So these are ALL auto’s? Strains? type of grow setup: soil, media, DWC, indoor, outdoor?

The Lady look great. How soon do you expect to harvest? Please keep up updated.

Yes, she’s starting to flower.


No she’s not an auto. She’s a gold leaf female. Just a couple of pics from different points. My autos have already sprung. Some started at like 8 inches tall. It was crazy. My last ones I got to about 3 feet

Thanks @Drinkslinger I just wanted to be sure. @tanlover442 I’m expecting a harvest in about 4-6 weeks depending on the color. Soil and indoor yea using T5 fluorescent bulbs. Have a Co2 generator and dehumidifier.

You really need to section off your room into different area’s… lots of work ahead of you still… but you will be glad you took it a step further… all your work will pay off in the little details… :grin:
Great start to an addictive hobby fellow cultivator… :wink:


Thanks care to explain what you mean by sectioning off a little more? I do have a tent piece I made for veg and clones this is just what I have on 12/12 cycle

Great start… you can section off parts by hanging a curtain or mylar. Could also use 1" pvc to make frames to fit the room. It will also add lots of light to the plants.

Have you considered topping your plants?

You said you grew auto’s before…mind if I ask what kind and how tall and how much harvest?

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Those pistils or white hairs are a dead give away. Flower I’m progress



Yes she is in flower and as they were saying if you sectioned off that room you and your plants would do much better, But either way looking great.


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Agree with @garrigan62 on sectioning off the room

Panda plastic works great a lit bit of woof framing and your all set
Happy growing and looking good

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I ordered blueberry, northern lights, and amnesia haze autos when I got the gold leaf as well. I was waiting out most of the autos to flower before I started normal cycles. The first round of autos went to about 3 foot the amnesia haze maybe 2 foot harvest was decent I think. Haha. The northern lights made about 32 grams after drying. The blueberry was around 20 grams and the northern lights made about 18 grams. The buds were not very dense though on the blueberry so I think I might have had some temps wrong for a bit or too high or not enough light. This round of autos though they started blooming after like 2 or 3 weeks. They went really quick I’ll post pics cause they’re still going.


Nice. Decent harvest for indoor living room setup.

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Hey earl with little yields less than an ounce is it really worth the time/effort? I would move to photos an split your living room in two sections you seem to have all the equipment sorted also you may want to take a look at how to monster crop for your next grow. Cheers

What is the monster crop brother? Yea I was hoping to get more from the autos but I wanna say it was in the description that autos don’t normally yield as much as normal female plants. So I basically ordered them to figure out what I was doing and how to get everything the way I wanted. And it’s not in my living room y’all haha. It’s just a bonus room space with a bunch of shit in it haha. I would like to try a Scrog on my next round of seed buying but I think I need some better lights before I try that out.

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I didn’t think so. I was also feeding them half of what I was actually supposed to because I read something wrong And I didn’t do much trimming or pruning of fan leaves or that sort of thing so I’m kinda figuring it out as I go and I got some customers so it’s not bad.

So are y’all saying I should do like PVC framing with tarps and section pieces of the room for the light to bounce back?

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Either setup the whole room or half it just to make it easier to maintain the environment


Have about 3 weeks left if my timing is correct. Could use some help on cloning if you guys have some thoughts my clones aren’t really sprouting roots I’m taking a good 5-7 in piece using clone x rooting gel. Keeping them humid the leaves stay green but my stocks are turning brown and drying up on me. And help would be appreciated guys. I’ve had about a 20-30% success rate with others but this last batch really sucked ass

Doing some work in the room today and have a 1000w HPS light coming

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