Just saying Hello, Glad to be here

I didn’t find here where new members get introduced.
So I’m posting here, but feel free to move me if it is the wrong spot.
I see many being intro’d be in normal forums.

I have been growing in the soil since the 1980s.
I started nhydrop[onics and aeroponics in 2006.

I go by Jedi Creator, a hacker handle since the 1970s

My name is Jerry, for those who may care.

To give you an idea of who I am, or what I am:
I have a doctorial degree in Physic’s
A Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering
A Master’s of Science
and an MD in Medicine.
Yes, I liked school:)

I have been growing for years but was stuck in a US state that said it was illegal, until now:)(

It’s nice to be here. I got here by accident while looking for seeds.
Glad I made that decision.

ILGM, thank you for being here and hosting this forum.


Good to meet you

I should have done this but I just barged in like I had been here for years

I think you will love it here. No drama and genuinely nice people who are always ready to help

My name is Don, Jerry…welcome to the cool kids corner of the net

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You will fit right in with a bunch of growers on this site.
Did you pick out some seeds?
Indoors or out?
Check out any topic by Hellraiser, Arrow, BobbyDigital, Nicky.

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Welcome to the community @JediCreator

at this time I am only doing indoor.
Ebb system, with all the bells and whistles that we need.
Not overly technical, but I like to have a harvest.
I’m going from a 4X8 tent to a 4X4 tent.
I’m feeling claustrophobia.

Decided that only 2 plants should be run, but I’m very familiar with SCROG.


You obviously are not new to this so you should fit right in

Welcome to the community. I believe that you will like the folks here. From what I read about your growing experience you will fit it quite well. All are just a hit away. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Happy Growing is a lifestyle. That’s my life, everything else is just supported.

Sorry, I just noticed your question.
I got back in with Autoflowers.
Decided on Bruce Brenner, gorilla glue, and something else that I can’t remember right now. Hope you understand.

I found Bruce germinated beautifully, the rest seemed like too many chemicals.
The cool this, was I tried peroxide, and life wasn’t soo bad. I got at least 2 doubles and one triple and I found more plats than I bought.
Of course, they were not all beautiful, but life is not bad.

Beats the alternative

peroxide is part of my normal germination routine.

Welcome Jerry! Very impressive credentials! Excited to see some grow journals out of you

Welcome ! You will fit in quite well. When you start a journal feel free to tag me . Just type the @ symbol and whomevers name after it.

Thanks All for the welcome.
I see I’m in Safe company.
Sharing is a given, I just started my growth, but will present what I got from my ONE plant.
Bruce looks good, I have treated the topping very different and light control to create a bush from an 8 " height plat.
Looking at a 12 stem growth before the SCROG stretch.

I am proud of it after so many years without dirt, so I’ll put it up, but don’t expect much as I’m just coming back to growing.

Welcome glad to have you here

Hello Jerry & welcome to The Site!

Welcome ready to see your grow…

Welcome here! It has been a crazy busy summer for us, with the cannabis plants, the garden, the mushroom experiment, and a vacay so I am behind on posts. Glad to have you aboard!

hello Jerry I too am a new grower 65 years old I waited 49 years to do this am I happy.! Living in Chronic pain since 96 and Arthritis in every joint, no the kind we smoke haha Can do 5 plants I started 5 plants inside under Burpee Starter Grow Lights system which has the correct Fluorescent blubs and after 3 days all popped up and I must say I planted them july 7th and I transplanted 3 into fabric 5 gallon pots with 2 inside under the lights enclosed with Foil and them at the temps of 74-78 and humidity about 43% %53% a fan I use when It gets to hot like 79-80 I believe all is going well all look good and the outside one are tripled in size and up to 6 inches. I fertilize them weekly

I only use the bottom tray and that way I can grow up to 3 feet or more. But I have ordered a grow tent and all needed to set up downstairs and grow year round … I also for downstairs have put down sheets of styrofoam and on top a pallet to keep it off the cool,cold floor… Good Idea or not


Sounds like a great idea. May want to upgrade lights to reputable led for flowering phase though. I find my sativas are happiest in the low 80s actually. Since that’s where I can easily hit my target vpd in flower. Even seedlings prefer upper 70s when the lights on. Hope this helps. Happy growing!

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