Just need some help on all the details of successfully getting a medical marijuana permit in Oklahoma

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Just need some help on all the details of successfully getting a medical marijuana permit for growing, dispensary, and any of the other parts of the business in Oklahoma.

I suggest you go to the Oklahoma state web site and start doing research there on how to obtain the necessary permits
Local government websites should also have them listed

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The application won’t be available until thursday and the fee is 100 i believe

I also live in Oklahoma. We have a month before they start accepting applications and I’m looking to find a doctor to recommend cannabis for me. If anyone knows a doctor please let me know, I live in Oklahoma City and I need a new primary care physician who is not opposed to medical cannabis.

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As posted elsewhere in this section


Clinic opened up in Edmond, ok today for anyone in the area. They don’t seem to accept insurance which seems to be the normal but if you really want something you got to pay right. Anyways I’m excited and going to schedule my appointment in the next few weeks waiting until it’s closer to the application acceptance day late August.

Is it true that if you have a medical card that you can’t have a firearm anymore?

That is what the federal government is saying yes. I think the state is trying to come up with a bill to fight that though.

Federal law will always trump state law when it comes to firearms. And yes, a question on the 4473 (background check form) specifically asks about marijuana use.

That is why Trump’s bipartisan bill ending federal ban on marijuana and making it a State issue needs to be passed.

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I hear their is one in tulsa now . my dr. I tried already he is not exactly ok with it yet but im gonna try to work with him first. but most definetly tulsa has atleast one. I heard he was gonna open a office in the city also.

you know the office name and how much .

Natural Remedy MD is the one in Edmond

I asked my doctor about that. He said they (meaning the state and feds both) know there is a problem and the are working to resolve it. He said just be sure not to carry if you are using. A little foggy, but that’s the best he could come up with.

This website has the Okla MMD’s listed.

BTW: My doctor is in Broken Arrow. I like him He is a vet, I read that he is MMA, and he is still a major in the army. I don’t think we are supposed to recommend on the forum, but he is easy to find at website I posted.

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Thanks you. He’s gone for good.