I'm in Oklahoma that just past Med. Marijuana. I plan to get my growers licences

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m in Oklahoma that just past Med. Marijuana. I plan to get my growers licences when the state starts taking apps. So any imfo that i can get will be help for me starting my grow operation. Thanks

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Have you read this yet?


Its the working draft, so everything is subject to change. When you say grower, do you mean commercially or personal consumption?

There sure seems to be alot of hurdles for the commercial side.


I also live in Oklahoma! Let me know how your set up is going ! I’m in the process of building a 12 x 15 grow room ! And getting everything together! I’ve chosen to mix the super soil they listed ! With a small adjustment of my own! Iam struggling with the ventilation and trying to figure out what I need! I look forward to hearing from you!

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So applications are available, but they wont accept applications until Aug 25, that is if you have these done:

  1. Bureau of Narcotics $500
  2. Background check, $20ea member/employee
  3. Application fee, $2500, did not say if it was refundable if app is rejected.
    thats all that i have gleaned out so far.

The rules keep referecing Title 63 O.S. § 420, I have not found a newer listing of title 63 online that has been updated to include 420. But I am also not very interweb literate.


ALSO… it states, subject to change and is pending… so you could abide by all the rules, then the wonderful state of OK adopts something else ie $100K Surety Bond, and pulls the rug out from under you

Ask the CO growers that the laws changed from only growers to having to be a grower/processor and failed to inform growers then started writing fines.

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I’m a Photographer at an online company who offers dog supplies especially dog life jacket (which makes your dog a lot safer when in water) and also other supplies as well. Just a question, how to get a license for growing Marijuana?

I’m working on getting my growers license in Oklahoma for commercial. Any tips or advice on which strain and seed would be best for me.


I’m in Washington growing medical for my aunt and I am starting with "easy " strains like ilgm’s beginning mix pack I plan on getting more medical strains going once I get better.

where does a person get some medical strains?! I found a couple but they would say not available in your area after i would try to add to cart

I also would sort of like to get into commercial growing but pretty sure all the red tape and over sight would almost take the enjoyment out of it…idk…definitely be cool to make legit money from it though