Just moved these 2 outside

they have been out side for 2 weeks and 1 month inside under T5s. What you think for my first plants in 35 years lol. They were clones from a friend.
He had them labeled big skunk

I can’t wait to see my girls like this . They look like they already flowering . They look great !!!

They look awesome.
Are they starting to flower…cause I think I see flowering going on


Yes they started flowering when I moved outside, after being under lights 20/4. I knew they would start when moved outside. The branch by the stick in front I was trying to pull it down and it almost tore off pulling to much. Duct taped it and put stick for support, it never even got droopy at all.i was sure it was going to die lol.

That duck tape is awesome …lol

Rock and Roll tape for growers! :slight_smile: