Just got my new T4 AC Infinity inline fan and controller

Hey guys i just received my new AC Infinity t4 inline fan with controller this should make things easier whats the VPD supposed to be in veg stage and flower stage


My VPD is 1.19 in my tent is that good

Good info in that link, these guys know their stuff. I’m a little over a month into growing. Been following that chart

Good one too

The easiest way I remember VPN

Seedling, .4-.8
Veg .8-1.2
Flower. 1.2-1.6


Thanks for the he information guys ive never had a controller module that controls the fan before so im just getting used to it like i said before my VPD at the moment is 1.19 for what i have read its pretty good but a bit more adjusting and i will have this down packed and we are coming into spring soon aswell


This is just a suggestion, and probably doesn’t matter because I’m new to tent growing, but you might consider running the exhaust out the side so you won’t have as sharp a bend in the hose.

Yah maybe im quite sure if im going to leave it like that

Been wanting one of those new controllers myself.

Only thing I can add that the others haven’t is to probably close up that upper vent with the cords going through it, just both draw string as tight as they go and open a lower one for intake. Right now is just going to pull through that upper one and not pull from the bottom to bring in cool fresh air.

With that new controller you have so many new features that are really useful. YouTube was my best friend for figuring out my original and getting it set up correctly.

Im going to hook up another inline fan to bring in cold air


This is what I’m using to bring air into the tent. Adjustable and Very silent.

Nice i will be using a vivosun inline fan to bring more air into my tent .Hows this guys my four inch inline fan from vivosun the bearings are so noisy i messaged vivosun to see if they sell the bearings but unfortunately they dont but i got a email from them saying they are going to send me out a new inline fan so now i will have four of them

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