Just before harvesting

Do i need to put the girls into a 48 hr dark period before i harvest? And can i take the colas from the plant when ready, and leave the lower half of the plant under lights to mature more


Nope, just chop before lights on.

Absolutely. Some growers do it this way. Others chop all at once.


I do this every grow.

Some swear by these methods; however, the best way to ensure quality, potent weed is to focus on the basics: proper lighting, nute levels, pH, watering practices, and so on.

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No, you do not “need” to. I don’t.

Yes you can. I do it all the time…


I find the 48 hr darkness is redundant. As I dry my plants in complete darkness. So I see no need for those extra 2 days.

I use my bathroom as my drying room. I will move the plants daily for a shower. Let the humidity go bye bye and put back in.

I can not dry in any other place due to other rooms have windows.

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Why does it need to be dried in a dark place?

Once harvested, the THC will break down in strong light. A dim room is fine.


@Melminster @Myfriendis410 has it covered. I actually use Amber colored Mason jars 64oz because what was stated already.

In the dark it slowly breaks down.

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