Journal: 1st Grow ILGM Photos Ak47 snd Bubblegum

Hello any and all…

ILGM Photo AK47 x4 and Bubblegum x2

Foxfarm Happy Frog in 5gal fabric pots

Ph going in is 6.4 to 6.6 and tbh I’ve got the meters but haven’t checked outbound or ppm consistently

I just added some FoxFarm Grow Big x2 days ago. I used 1/3 recommended amount. Watering every other or as needed.

Indoor Grow in a 60x60x78 with x2 Vander 3000W LED lights (I know they’re not actually 3000W, it’s ok) I’ll upgrade lighting at a later date.

Our Temps are 68 nighttime lows and 79 daytime highs with Rh avg of 60…

6" cooled air intake and the outbound is a 4" fan going to an inducer to a 6" inline and out 6" piping into a chimney… I have a filter, but haven’t needed it.

Yes to the Co2… I keep x2 1Gal diy co2 makers in there and I’m using a Digital Thermostat Mister to keep the humidity in the zone.

Here’s my Ladies… I show the 4 Ak’s 1st and the 2 Bblgm last. From Seed, Day 40, Day 38 in dirt. Here, they’d been asleep for about an hour. I don’t have lighting (normal) in the grow area so I’m using the camera’s light.

Whatever input is fine, Ive got thick skin. Plus I’m just winging it. I just want to show them off and maybe get feedback. I really don’t have any questions, I’m just tip toeing trying for the best possible outcome.

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