Journal 1: First Grow Ever

Thanks to my mentor @Myfriendis410 for encouraging me to start a journal for my first plant. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Grow Space:

  1. Vivosun 36x36x72 tent
  2. Phlizon 600w led lights, actual wattage is 108. (veg & flower switches but only turning it on during flowering)
  3. Oneo 100w led lights full spectrum, actual wattage is 220. (turned on during all stages)
  4. 2 vivosun 4 inch 203 cfm fans with speed controllers & carbon filter (for intake & exhaust. The intake is at the bottom and the exhaust is located at the top)
  5. Promix hp soil
  6. Taotronics cool mist humidifier
  7. 6 inch clip fan
  8. 3 pack with calmag general hydroponics nutrients

Seedling Environment
Humidity 60-70%
Temperature: 25-27C
Light Schedule: 18/6

Early/Mid Veg Environment*
Humidity 50-65%
Temperature: 24-27C
Light Schedule: 18/6

April 19 before transplanting

After Transplanting Here I fed the plant its first nutrients. 2.5ml of micro, 2.5ml of gro, and 1.25ml of bloom

April 20th

April 23rd

April 25th Here you can see some signs of over-watering


April 26th it was time to water the plant so i decided to use less water this time based on the picture above

April 27th Here she looks much better


May 3rd adjusting my feeding. I’ll be feeding it again tonight. 2ml micro, 2ml gro, 1 ml micro


@ashhhh, what a great start IMO, she is going to do well, and @Myfriendis410 in your corner, you will counter anything that comes up, and be streamlined with the processes! Keep me tagged :grinning:


It’s so funny sometimes these plants look like there on life support surrounded by all this stuff in the tents


Set to watch. :+1:

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You are on your way!

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I think technically it is exactly life support.


Ah, I suppose it exactly is!


Looking at the most recent picture I think you can go ahead and bump it up over a few days to 700 ppm or so; she looks a hair N deficient. Next feeding shoot for 600 ppm and so on.

Definitely stick with that ratio of 2:2:1 Micro, Grow and Bloom. Cal mag next time you water. As you are in Promix you won’t need a lot of cal mag.

I would also look at bringing your light down a bit closer: maybe another 6 inches to start.

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May 4th
started the nutrient mix off with 2 ml of micro, 2 ml of gro, 1 ml of bloom with a gallon of water.but ppm was still half way where i wanted it to be so i doubled the dosages. 4 ml micro, 4 ml gro, and 2 ml bloom. Mix came around 500 ppm and pH was set at 5.8. I also brought the lights closer to the plant. Its currently 18 inches away @Myfriendis410

May 5th



Next feeding shoot for 600 ppm. After that 700 and hold there.

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when I aim for 600 and 700, am I still using the 2:2:1 ratio? if yes, do i add an equal dose of all three to increase it to 600 or do i just increase one of the 3 nutrients?

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based on the f/f/f/w schedule, am i going to have to feed again tonight or thats just when the medium gets dry next time, thats when i go ahead and do my second feeding?

Better to mix to your ratio, stronger than your target TDS then add water to dilute down to your TDS. Once you’ve done it and recorded the amounts it should be easy to replicate. If just wanting to add a bit to bring up; at this time of life add Grow. If you were in flower I would have said Bloom.

You should be feeding or watering daily at this point. Not to runoff yet but daily. Wet coco is not the same as wet soil.

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mixing the nutrients with half a gallon last night didnt do it for me. with 2:21 ratio, ppm was around 489 which was still close. had to add 2ml more for gro to bring ppm to 600. so it ended up being 2:4:1. not sure if that was the way to do it or not

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May 5th
Fed her again at the end of the day before heading to bed 2ml micro, 4 ml gro, and 1 ml of bloom.
600 ppm
6.0 pH

May 6th Some leaves are still clawing and curling, i did reduce my watering amount. i use 1-2 pints now. I do see some nutrient burn on the edges and tips of the leaves

Some additional N in the Grow is a good thing so you did exactly as I stated. So for 600 ppm, use the same 2:2:1 ratio but up the amount to give you 600 or so. Or reduce water further to make more concentrated.


I shall mix my nutrients with quarter gallon, tonight, rather than half gallon and start with 2:2:1 and see how that goes if still low, i’ll add some Gro

to maintain the right ratio, 2:2:1, but up the amount can i do 4:4:2 then?
when i add the nutrient in order of micro, gro, then bloom, if i need to up the amounts to adjust ppm, does the order matter again?

Absolutely. As long as the ratio remains the same as the feeding schedule callout you can use quarts haha.

This is the nice thing about a ratio in that you can apply it to any amount of liquid: just up the amount of ingredients while maintaining the ratio. If you have to err up; use the Grow in veg. If the same in flower; use Bloom. It’s really better to keep your ratio so refer to your notes and once you hit 700 to 750 ppm you should be able to replicate that easily.

I use a syringe labeled in ml for my nutrients. Remember to always mix in the order called out: Micro first. If you decide to add silica (Armor Si), not a bad idea. THAT goes in before anything else. If using cal mag along with other nutes it goes in AFTER silica and BEFORE Micro.


Fair enough. What i think is mixing me up a bit here is increasing Gro in veg or Bloom in flowering. For example if i increase my Gro the ratio ends up being 2:4:1, which doesnt equal to the initial ratio. Will that cause any issues? Again this is to reach the right ppm.

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Better to maintain ratio. If you HAVE to add a bit in veg use the Grow.