Jewlers loupe question

Can I just hold my jeweler’s loupe to the back of my phone where the camera lenses is to photo tricomes,. Or will I need something else? I saw a ‘figitsl usb’ something…sorry. I’m old! Thanks.


Ive done this before, Problem was the camera on my phone had a hard time focusing. I see a lot of people using those wireless microscopes off Amazon with really good results. :grin:


I use double sided tape to attach my loop to my phone. I also have a wireless remote so I don’t have to tape the phone to take the pic.


It’s pretty dang hard to do. But I’m old with shaky hands. And, I’m too lazy to turn off all the fans to get the pics.

I have one – and I still find it really hard to use, but the price was OK, so why not. Someone told me to cut a bit of bud to do the photos (obviously near the very end) on a stable surface. That worked great and I just nuked the bud in the microwave and enjoyed staring at my pics. :crazy_face:


I just did the same thing @GrnyGrows .

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Its how I do it. It was easy with my iPhone X. I upgraded so I haven’t tried with my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Explain easy with iPhone.

I decided to try holding the loupe to my phone… this is what I’m able to get.

This is what I see through the endoscope