Jewels' photo grow

Positive thoughts headed your way jewels
They are looking great.
Thanks for the tip on the bottom of the boxes in case I ever get them

Enjoy the day


Thanks for the good vibes :sparkles:
The added screen will definitely help. Have a great weekend :v::green_heart:


Have a great day! Glad you found someone whom can help w your ailments. Your still running that strawberry blond? Must be a good :dash: Good vibes lady @GreenJewels


Thanks @Thumper
Hows the coco journey going? You dont have a jounal do you? You should :wink::sunglasses::v::green_heart:


All outta :heart: ! I was hoping this round was going to be my starting journal. But work hours changed and I just about let them get away from me in coco the growth rate is astounding so far! Next run will be a reg :beans: :skunk: run! Super excited :blush: at least I’ll have a run in coco and an idea how how my new lamp performs :wink:


I harvested the tops of Grean Tea. I’ll let the lower buds mature another week.

Gorilla Glue has a few weeks yet

The 2 Strawberry Blonde’s are a few weeks behind Gorilla Glue

My veg tent has become a big mess of clones. I had to up pot several clones into one gallon pots a couple weeks ago. Knocking over solo cups and having to feed clones really sucks. Sundae Driver, Green Tea, Gorilla Ice Cream is the yellow one on the right, Gorilla Glue and Strawberry Blonde clones.
Too many clones and no room in my veg tent :roll_eyes:

The doctor put a 2lb lift restriction on me for 2 weeks so I can’t even lift my 1 gallon pots or carry more than 4 cups of water. Luckily, my daughter and son are a huge help.
A friend gave me a few clones. Ethos Grandpa’s Cookies, a Cereal milk and a blueberry clone.

I decided a cloner is necessary and would be better than clones in the veg tent, so I got a cloner. Today, I’m cloning more clones

I can now free up my veg tent for 3 Earthbox’s and get my newest clones transplanted. Coming up in the Earthbox’s will be Ethos Grandpa’s Cookies, Ethos Mandarin Cookies and a Cereal Milk.
Have a great weekend :v::green_heart:


Today is the Eclipse. I’m excited to see the once in a lifetime sight. Lets hope the clouds leave Ohio. May have to pull the boat over and look for some morels while we wait. Have a fantastic day :v::green_heart: :full_moon_with_face:


Happy eclipse and cake day


Thanks :blush: :grinning: thats a great pic!

Mine is not as good. Phone pic from a boat, cant expect too much :grin:


Happy veresry Jwelels, we where clouded here not much to see. Morels just staring here with the “warmer” nights now (above 20 f) they be poppin told the wife I can hear them!

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Thanks @Bentstick
A friend found a nice plateful of morels yesterday. I think this week will be good for shroomin’ I will be out there. :smiley:


We also, forage time leeks and frawns are next!!!


I love the Earth Box. This is my first grow ever and it’s in an Earth Box.


My current flowers in the Earthbox’s of living soil

Grandpa’s cookies

Cereal Milk

Mandarin cookies recently put in the flower tent. She stretched while I was camping so there’s more space between the nodes than I prefer

The whole flower tent

I had a recent camping trip so I transplanted a litter sooner than my usual.

The Ultimate on the right from seed. A Sundae Driver clone in the center and a clone from Green Tea. Idk how I smoked up all that previous Green Tea so fast. Its a favorite of my family and friends.

Outside autoflower girls

Blue Dreamatic

Wet Orangutang

I was camping when my oyster logs fruited. They’re a little dry now

Have a great day and thanks for stopping :v::green_heart:


Fantastic update! Well grown Madame @GreenJewels :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :partying_face:


Thanks Kap, I appreciate you and the compliment :v::green_heart: