Jager aka Jager Meister..Have you ever grown JR?

Hey All! :wave:t5: I’m dropping in and seeing so many new posts! It’s great to see our community keeps growing! …I’ve been on a hiatus since last grow and have to say I’ve learned so much and owe everyone so many thanks! … Regretfully I don’t have any pictures to share at this time of the journey but I did have a great time while it lasted… We were able to enjoy the benefits of some great SSH super silver haze. The fem seeds purchased from ILGM have paid for themselves plenty! :blush: I hope to update in the future once I find any remaining pics.

What’s currently happening is I’m working with my friend starting our garden and also we have some bag seeds. We’re still trying to learn more about this strain so I’m wondering if someone has experience with Jager :thinking:. If anyone can share their attempts growing it? Experience smoking it? Or just any information about the strain in general? Lots of love guys! :hugs: