Jacks nutriens seller

Hi guys. I don’t know where to post this, so i hope that here will be fine. I’d love to try jack’s nutrients but there is no way how to buy in country where i live. So i wanna ask you, is here someone who can sell and send it to me? Im from czech republic


Do u know if things will make it to u from Turkey?? If so search ubuy/turkey and it shows they have like 4lb kits of jacks 321. I’m sure it would cost a small fortune to get some to mail it to u with the weight and distance it would have to go. Lol. Hope u can find some as it’s def worth a shot to try. It’s cheap and goes a super long way for the price

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Just throwing it out there, but there are also other 3 part dry lines too, like Masterblend. Envy is another and has the same NPK as Jack’s. Haven’t tried them, but others use Masterblend and I did buy some Envy Part B as it’s cheaper for the smaller bags and looks as good, but haven’t tried it yet.

Greenleaf Nutrients ships to more places and may be able to ship to you. They added a two part product which is a direct copy of Jacks. I have not tried it but have tried other products from them. They are a legit company.

This is the Part A product. Part B is the same Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 product and is available from many sources if you don’t want to order it.


Thanks for tips guys. I will look at it.