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A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"Bought white widow auto flower. Every seed has germinated so far. They have looked awesome. Concern i have is the height was stated 20-24 inches. Whew! They’re over 36 inches now and seems to still be growing! Any tips you can offer regarding to why they’re so big? In my closet and getting crowded. Any info to what i may need to change? Growing in buckets in perlite. Hydroponic style. Thanks in advance!

Strain-White widow
Soil in Pots- Perlite hydroponically
PH of runoff- N/A
What is strength of solution mix- Masterblend=12g Calcium Nitrate-6g Magnesium sulfate-6g
Indoor grown
Light system- 2- 600 watt led’s grow lights
Temps day-75-80ish Temps night-75080ish
Humidity day-70% Humidity night-50-60
Ventilation system-4" pipe duckted outside with carbon filter and fan

The leaves are healthy looking and nothing seems to be wrong with the growing. Just not size advertised. Definately over 24 inches in height.

picture of plants

How far away are his lights?

Are you sure they are autos? How long since sprout?
Maybe have to drop light cycle to 12-12 to see if that will kick em into flower

My wwa got to 3 1/2 feet

That height and time to flower are simply guidelines. The problem is that you are doing too good of a job with your plants! Cut it out! Lol. Seriously, put your lights into 12/12 and expect some stretch. SCROG?