Jack Herer Autoflower Continued

(Day 51)

So I decided to get rid of the other plant… the bud production was just to low and the plant was just taking up too much space for my operation… Im just concentrating on giving the better one optimal living conditions…

Bud development is continuing to flourish. Pistils are about 60-70 % orange but trichomes are still mostly cloudy and clear. I was going to start flushing but based on the trichomes i fed one last time I gave: 2tbls Big Bloom, 2Tsp Tiger Bloom, 1/4Tsp Cha Ching. Phd the water to 6.4… Runoff was 6.3. Hoping this last feeding makes them swell even more and I will start flushing next watering until harvest…

Question: Roughly how long does it take for trichomes to change to amber? Should I check everyday, every few, or weekly? I like a more energetic, head high so I only want about 15-20% Amber trichomes.

Question: Should I flush with just Phd water, or I also have “General Hydroponics Flora Shield Plant Rinse” would that be better? I thought just using regular water would be best bet because it would slowly dissolve the nutes that are already in the soil so the plant can still feed some.

Question: If I do use Flora Shield do I use at recommended dosage or half strength like everything else?

I was actually thinking of just doing water and then using the Flora Shield on the final watering before harvest.

I also started another seedling and she popped out of the ground today!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned…

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Trichomes can change color very quickly, sho you could check them daily.

I like to use Sledgehammer which is the same thing, and I use it full strength. It’s very easy to do, don’t make it complicated. Lol, :wink:

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