Jack herer and Amnesia Haze AUTOS

Has anyone grown these lovely strains under an LED? Would love to hear how your grow went and if you have any helpful tips?

Much thanks in advance :call_me_hand:

Welcome I had good luck with a h with LED lighting. Just go easy feeding. It has a great smell and taste.

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I would recommend both of them very good strains on my autos I grow them under 12/12 if I can they seem to love it I feed full strength nutes when you start to grow more and more you will know how much they can take happy growing

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This is my jack herer…it’s about 2 and half months…I had it in the same pot from seedling so it kind of turned into a bonsai weed…it really is a miniature plant…it has 5 colas and I’m going to vegetate for another 2 months it’s beautiful and it smells amazing :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

All the way from start??

After the first few days of 24 hrs I switch to 16-8 for 2 weeks then 12/12 on autos


Jack Herer is the plant on the right .

Amnesia Haze below


How tall was it and what size pot? I’m really interested I’m getting ready to plant my amnesia autos and was wondering on pot size and how bushy they get.

I use 5 gallon fabric pots . I’ve grown 3 AHA plants and 2 of them grew small 14 - 15 inches tall . The one pictured above I transplanted to a larger pot and disrupted the roots which in turn stunt its growth IMO . I don’t transplant autos any more , I start them in the larger pot for the entire grow . This one I just harvested and had some kind of problem at the 3 or 4 node and growth just stopped for a week or so then started growing again and grew through it .

. The other one grew perfectly maybe 25-30 inches tall , not real bushy . Are you a new grower ? What’s your set up going to be ?


Yes I’m a new grower never done auto before. My setup is 24"×48"×60" 1200w led light. Its definitely a learning experience but fun. Never realized how much goes into it.

If you hang out on this forum long enough and read everything you will be a pro in no time . I suggest you start your own grow journal when you start your seeds and if you have questions the experienced growers can help you out . Download ILGM free grow bible if you haven’t done so already . It’s loaded with good information . Sounds like your off to a good start already. What’s the make and model of your light ?

The only problem I’m having is my temperature is always around 85 degrees and at nice it’s in mid 70’s. I added another fan to the room to keep air moving.

Those amazon lights can produce some heat . I made the mistake of buying two of them before learn more about them here on the forum . True wattage is nowhere near what they advertise . If you want nice dense buds I would consider upgrading later if it’s in your budget . You can also build your own light and save some more money check out , DIY lights . LED quantum board lights are expensive and but they run much cooler . Lots of folks here like lights from Horticulture Lighting Group but there are many good light options to choose from . Do lots of research first .