It's Late August

It’s late August in sunny Hollywood, CA and my plants are developing. Interesting is that last year I already harvested my plants but this year I’m guessing I have 3-4 weeks to go. Anyway here a photo taken from about 12’ away. Cramed in there is 7 plants. It was a mistake to plant that close but they are doing OK. I use Miracle Grow soil and fertilizer.
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August 28 2023


Are they different strains you’re running this season? All strains will have different flowering times. Some of mine have just started flowering and won’t bendone until late October.

This isnt a criticism, but growing cannabis in miracle grow is not really a good way to go. Using organic soils with some organic inputs will produce tastier herbs in my opinion. Miracle Gro is a marketing gimmick and all synthetic chemicals. Just a thought I wanted to share.

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I think maybe because we had a bit cooler spring here in SoCal. They are probably 3 or 4 strains in there purchased at ILGM and some carried home from Holland. I’ve grown in other soils and fertilizers and personally I can’t taste much difference but I am far from an expert. Then again, I probably cheap and HomeDepot is a short drive :slight_smile: And, not insulted; appreciate you taking the time

Howdy Jerry
Happy little trees. :+1:


I wish I could take credit but it the climate. From April to November every day here is full sun 77-95 and dry. I don’t think there can be a better climate. California grow 75% of our nation’s fruits and nuts and about 15% of all USA agricuture. Not to mention the largest wine producer.

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