ISO dispensary recommendations for Northern Maine

Hey all, my family is planning a recreational trip to Northern Maine to see the rest of the tribe. On y’all’s personal opinions, what’s the best recreational dispensary up there? I’m talking about the Limestone, New Sweden, Caribou, PQI area.

I know growers everywhere, but who wants to be a mooch?! I wanna have my own, ready and rolled up, ya know. I’m already gonna be eating all they food up, hard moochin as it is.

Please help me avoid dying from a dab or a badass brownie. Ya pass it, ima smoke it. I clearly don’t say no, but I can say, “Thanks, but I already got mine ready.”

I’m just trying to plan ahead. Ya know it takes a damn hour each way to get anywhere up there. Thanks in advance for your honest recreational dispensary recommendations.

Happy growing,

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