Is white widow known as creeper?

I grew white widow fem ad turned out great the girls smoked some and said it was creeper,just curious if it was known for that?


Almost immediate effects


They say creeper but they also say kick ass stuff so either way way to go Ilgm love your stuff

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I smoked out of a bong it was pretty instant lol but thanks happy growings


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I think they was stoned immediately lol still very good happy with it Robyn a good friend of mine has trouble eating thin as a rail since I give her all she can smoke she has gained weight and she says its takes her pain away from her M.S. …

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My WW product produces immediate effects, but the effect does intensify after 15 to 20 minutes. So, I can see why they would call it creeper. And, it is certainly dispensary quality. Thanks ILGM.

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