Is this ww a herme?

I have nothing but female pistals in nodes all during grow.I though I seen empty seed pods but they had two hairs and either finally came open or out came a bannana.
This one definitely has a different smell than all my other fems and it’s starting to get some black color in all new leaves.

Luckily my others remain uneffected.I’ve heard hermes don’t normally fertilize other plants is that true?
early flowering,there may be signs of hereme or it's a pistil?

Well I’m not sure about the black color in the leaves, except it might be a sign of a nutrient imbalance that stressed and contributed to the hermaphroditism. I don’t see the “banana” in the picture, but yes, that is kind of what a hermaphrodite flower can look like a bright yellow banana, or kind of like a yellow banana pepper poking out of the middle of a female group of buds.

The tags didn’t work but the bottom picture is early flower while top is late flower of same plant.
The pistils in buds are either hard or soft but all have two hairs coming out of them.
The air feeding room is very cold 10-32 degrees F but room stays at 67-72.

Is your feed air hitting any of the plants?

Although sometimes some late hermaphrodite flowers will only seem to seed the immediate flower they are in, this is not guaranteed and pollen that becomes airborne may find its way to pollenate other plants in the same grow room.

oldgoat has a good point, really cold air hitting the plant may cause a blue/black discoloration in some parts of the plant or leaves sometimes. I’m not sure if cold stress can contribute to hermaphroditism, but it might. Usually I see overly acidic pH or light stresses contribute most to hermaphroditism.

I seen a few bannanas but so far no seeds.A week ago temps dropped and air feed was well below 32 degrees.
The pistils keep opening although they were hard.I haven’t seen a female seed but are seeds formed in pistils?

Yes, seeds are formed inside the calyx part of the pistils when pollen from a staminate lands on the “hairs”. The “bananas” are most likely to pollenate the pistils immediately surrounding it, but it is still possible for some pollen inside the banana to become airborne and pollenate any pistil on any plant in the room. The bananas on hermi flowers or the more normal “ball” or “pouch” staminate will both eventually be filled with lots of fine yellow powder that is the pollen, and these pollen pouches will eventually split open, if left to grow on the plant, and then allowing the pollen to drift around on any air currents it might catch a ride on.

They were not hermes just immature.What looked like seed pods were pistals all had two hairs and felt hard but soon they opened up and hardness went away.
I think it was cold air hitting plants that caused the blackish color.