Is this plant salvageable?

I’m growing 3 Wedding cake autos and 3 Purple punch autos from ILG in a 5x5 with a Spider Farmer light dimmed on about 70. Planted in 5 gallon tubs of MG Organics, with a cup of Dr Earth 463 in the middle.

I have only watered these gals maybe 3x in their lives cause I’ve been watching foliage to see when to water and they’re only 6 weeks old. I’m not good with PPMs/PH, just use bottled purified water, 16-20oz per plant every 5-7 days.

I did some gentle folding of fan leaves to expose buds to light. They should be able to handle a little tucking though.

Some of my pistols have grown into ball sacs with pistols and idk if they’re unviable or if I should keep pinching off every suspiciously shaped thing with a pistol coming out of it. What do u think? Should I kick these suspicious plants out or keep nipping to be safe and just babysit em?

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Does not seem like enough watering.
MG is not cannibis friendly.
Light will not get you far in a 5x5
You should do runoff checks with good pens.

Definitely not enough water for sure 5 gallon pots? U need to put at least 1.5 gallons asap at least…i use 1.5 gallons in a 3 gallon pot every 2-3 days im at 36 days above soil…

Excuse the runoff…lol

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U need atleast 10-20% runoff to flush excess salt buildup and prevent nutrient lockout…if ur in fabric pots dont worry bout overwatering…water good let dry then repeat…although i like to keep my soil moist…and toss the miracle gro…next time go with fox farms…happy frog or ocean forest…

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Even in my 2x4, I only had to water 16oz every 3 days to get runoff. This is my first 5x5 grow, so I’m not sure how things will act. With my 5x5, I’m averaging maybe 24oz per 5 gal pot every 5-7 days. I’m going by how the plants look and how wet the soil is about 2” down.

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Thats fine but they have established roots well u need to water pot now…u prolly getting runoff coz the soil hasnt been soaked and its running straight through judge the pot after u water by weight it will he heavy

And those pots u have do they have good drainage at the bottom? Those plastic pots arent the best

The others have you covered well.

Keep in mind that buds don’t really use light. Leaves do.

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5x5, 3x3, whatever the size, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is light, environment, soil etc.
The ball sacs are calyx. The plant is showing its sex by throwing out pistils. Just let them be.

Regarding watering, another way to check is by weight. When I used dirt I would stick a moisture meter in it, stick my finger in it, and finally confirm those two by lifting the pot. Eventually I stopped doing the first two and relied on their weight.
Another observation. Where the leaves overlap and touch, check to see if there is moisture between the leaves. This would tell me if the plant is moving water from its roots to leaves and, to me, was a good sign it was working hard (transpiring). It would also tell me to thin out a few leaves. This increases light penetration and better airflow.


I dig the first 2” of soil off the side. If it’s dry, I water till I see runoff. Then I double check drip trays again after a few hours. My pots have 4 holes, each big enough to stick a 25 cent quarter through.

I opened the pod and it had a lime green worm-like strand of idk leaflet.

Lol you don’t need to pinch off anything but maybe nanners at the end of a grow. If in fact you were to have grown a male and weren’t interested in pollen it’d be cull time.

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