Is this plant doing ok?

Hi, I’m a newbie and first time grower. I only have the one plant and it has been 55 days since I flipped to 12-12 . I was wondering if the plant is looking somewhat ok for being in flower that long, if not what am I doing wrong. I have uploaded a few pics and as you can see my setup is pretty basic, nothing fancy here lol. Input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Looking real good! Doesn’t look like you have much more time left.



Your plant looks awesome.

Do you know the strain or what the flowering time is supposed to be?

55 days is 8 weeks basically and that’s about average for a lot of hybrids. Many sativas and sativa leaning hybrids will take 10 or 12 weeks or even longer!

Also some folks count days from the day they flip the lights - I think it’s more accurate to count from the day you see flowers appear. Some strains take longer than others to start flowering after the lights switch.


Looks great in there! You’ll be drying and curing in no time!


Dont have a clue the name of the strain, it was a clone in a solo cup when I got it , I call it a no name brand lol.

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You have a tree!!! Looks great! I ditto the counting from first flower (I call them little buttons). They can take 10-12 weeks after first flower depending on the strain.

What kind of light are you using… it kinda looks like they could use more light to fatten up.

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Its a Aglex equivalent 2000 watt led, hanging 20" above which is supposed to give around 900 par at that distance , I’ve only had this light for about 2 weeks, all I was using before were grow bulbs.

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Welcome and congratulations on your first harvest , enjoy


That’s really impressive for a 90w light! You must have kept her in the perfect footprint. Plant looks amazing


Them mirrors did the trick

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I am new a membrr. Pls see this pics. I cant afford grow light or grow box, i am fron BD and weed is not legalized yet. I bought it from a frnd. Can anyone tell me this light setup is ok or not for veg stage? Using 6500k 4 led and 1 blue.

@Smkhan welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately there’s not enough indoor here to advise much. You most likely don’t have enough light to flower, but for veg seems ok so far.

Can you post pictures of the lights labels or give any more information on where they came from/what they are? How many watts?

Added 5 led bulbs but i have put out the reflector for more intensity. 2 of them 9 watt and 3 or them 5 watt. Using these led 4 inch away from the plant.

Bro, can you tell me why Leaf is turing into this color?

@Smkhan that is no where near enough light to flower a plant to a satisfactory harvest.

Picture of the whole plant with that leaf circled would help. Tough from 1 super close picture.

And we’d need to know more about your grow. Type of soil and what nutrients you use… how much… how often. If you need I’ll get a support ticket up