Is this mildew or mold?

Indoors, same light, air and nutes as I’ve been successful with before, using auto seeds. Took in some photoperiod clones from a friend that had to many, and after 7 weeks, this appears on some leaves. I use Coast of Maine soil, and Fox farm nutes, I’ve been very successful with my setup in the past, but I’ve only done autos so far. This is my first time with clones, or photos. Thanks for any advice

Ya kinda looks like wpm

Probably easily spread

You can use a 50/50 mix of water and hydrogen peroxide spray the leaves top and underside with it just before lights out.


I used trifecta crop control. Smells good to me. Ot chemically and its made from natural ingredients so says you dont need to wash after etc. I loves it. Worked right away