Is this LED light any good?

From a fellow grower: Is this LED from Walmart good for growing cannabis?

3000W COB 144LED LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Growth Lamp with Cooling Fan Hydroponic Plant,Pink & White 4000K Full Spectrum

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It is not a good light. The ad is misleading and your not going to be able to buy a light at Walmart that will flower cannabis. There are a lot of us here that got hoodwinked by the advertising of these “burple” lights (self included.)

The power draw isn’t listed for that light, but I guarantee you that it is not a 3000w light. It’s not physically possible with the components light is built with. Any light with a built in fan is not worth buying.

The light will want depends on how big your grow space is and how many plants you intend to flower. The best lights available are built with Samsung LM301 series diodes. This would include lights built by HLG, Gravita, Lumence, or some of the most recent Spider Farmer models.


I’m with @MidwestGuy The Walmart Light Would not be a good choice to grow cannabis.


I wish these driverless cobs would just go away already.


You really need a “LIGHT STICKY” save you a lot of typing.


Those are so like, what, 4 years ago?