Is this leaf septoria

Hello first post on forum but have read a lot. So one of my four plants as yellow lesions on the leaf. Is this septoria or did I water the leaf and it burnt. This is GGAF and almost two weeks since germination. If it is should I cut of leaves or kill plant. I have 2 bigger ones that seem ok for now. Thank you in advance.

Nope, just looks like plants turning to mature growth. Lighter color green is the newer growth. As it grows, the older leaves will turn the darker color.
Happy growing! :seedling:

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Thank you. I was getting ready to cut the leafs off. Stay safe

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I am having a similar issue. My leaf has little yellow spots. Is this normal? Its an autoflower zkittles about 5 days since sprouting in FFHF under a RA1000 LED at 1.5 feet. RH 35 and temp is 80. I hope I am not killing her.