Believe this is leaf septoria?

So been keeping a look out for fungas gnats since that larvae was found last night (believe it may of been from my broken dishwasher that the empty cup sat next to after transplant. Buuut believe my girl that JUST started showing pistils this morning may of had a minor case of leaf septoria. I found my cotyledons a couple weeks ago with some concerning looking black dots, knew I should of followed up on it here. Took the bottom two nodes off, burned the leaves, and keeping a very close eye on next node up and other plants. Running temp at mid 70’s and RH at 25 until the girls are in the clear, one was transplanted last night, direct plant that was affected is being transplanted Wednesday night when FFOF arrives. Two of the girls were staying a little LST until this was noticed, backed off JUST in case.

The cotyledon found October 16th

Underside of leaves noticed today and after cut

Her currently

Then just a small update for the other two!