Is this Iron Deficiency?

So two of my girls are growing as expected, but one outlier has been taller than and almost gangly by comparison. Started showing signs of what I believe to be iron deficiency. What’s the fix for this? I’ve already stopped adding nutrients (tiger bloom) to her and am flushing.

Stella Blue is the tall strain
2 led lights
Tiger bloom every other watering

Major lack of nutes. Still have time to save them.

It’s tough to tell. Do you have a picture in a little more natural light? It’s a little tough to tell the true leaf color with the blurple light going.

What are you using for soil and do you pH the water going into it?

It’s just the tall one on the right that’s showing the yellowing. The other two I doing great. They’re all in flowering right now. Feed all of them Grow Big nutes during veg and switched to Tiger Blow once I turned to flower

Soil is MG Organic (I know I know everyone hates on miracle grow but I have tremendous success using it.)

They really dont look to bad

dark veins and light intervein area… i forget. @raustin?

I’m not really sure what the problem is here, could be iron deficiency, but certainly looks like a Ph problem.

crinkled leaves is not good. too much nutes.

prefertilized soil is a problem. diff nutes needed for veg, diff nutes for flower.

you asked for advice. you got it. now whatcha gonna do?

How about the pH?

Thanks all! Suggested solutions?

The start of the solution to your problem starts with ensuring the pH of your plant’s soil is in the right range. You can do this with a digital pH meter (and ppm meter) and measure the solution going into your plant, and the run-off coming out the bottom.

Okie dokie, PH is between 7-8, closer to 8. Suggestions on how to bring it down?

What are you using to get that reading?

The water you are adding (with or without nutrients added) should be 6.5pH. If you are measuring the pH of the run-off - the water that comes out the bottom of the pot when you water heavily, should be between 6.2 and 6.8. If it is higher or lower, there are different methods, but a lot of folks suggest watering with the lower (6.2 in your case) or higher range depending on what the run-off pH is coming back at. Over time, the soil should correct itself. What kind of soil are you using?

Do you have a digital pH and ppm meters like the ones here?