Is this harvest time?

Strain: White Widow CBD Auto
Time: 52 days
Soil: FFOF

Is it time to harvest? I had nutrient issues on another thread that you all helped me with - I was late starting nutrients because I mistakenly thought you didnt really need them with FFOF. But I’ve been using small amount of them for the last 2 weeks.

There are only a couple of white pistils. The trichomes look all cloudy to my untrained eye although I don’t think I can say that I’ve seen any amber ones with my magnifier.

And I read an article last night that said if your sugar leaves are yellowing or browning, then harvest almost immediately. Although now that I look at the pictures, I can’t really tell if I think the sugar leaves ARE yellowing or not. The whole plant is kind of yellowing so maybe that is distracting me.

Unfortunately I thought I had 1-2 weeks left and I did what was going to be my last nutrient feeding yesterday and then I was going to start flushing 1-2 weeks.


  1. Harvest today
  2. Start flushing some water through and try to get 3-5 days at least because she is really ready today
  3. I’m too anxious and still a week or two early to even think about harvest

Thank you so much for the help!!

View from the top - all the yellowing leaves is what is making me concerned that I need to harvest today

Here is a zoom in on the buds


I had the same problem where plants did real good through veg but started getting discolored in flower. I’m pretty sure it is calcium deficiency.
Looks pretty advanced but it may help to keep adding cal-mag.
52 days is pretty quick. If you can get past this, I would let them fill in some more.
I am thinking you will get more experience than smoke out of this one. :pleading_face:

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keep us posted…i would love to hear if its the Calcium. Im also on my first White Widow and mine are also 52 days old-

Agree. I would look to see if she bounce back from that. I would check my self into a hospital if that happen to my plant. But it’s a learning experience for everyone in here. Like @HMGRWN said add Cal-Mag and keep us posted. Oh and defol the dead leaves :maple_leaf: .

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Looks to me like your plant is done. You won’t be able to bring it back: too far along in flower and too few viable leaves.

@Covertgrower @imSICKkid @MattyBear your thoughts?


If those are foxtails, then its probably done.

She’s done. Up to you how much amber tho, can let mature some if you want. Just make sure to take before sugar leaves start to yellow/die. Don’t want rot. If it looks like decay is entering the buds, it is. That’s why ya gotta watch the non-protuding “sugar” leaves.

I agree she’s done.

same thing, I think, is happening with my WW CBD Auto…they were green and great and flowering was good but the past week or so…top leaves getting more ‘lime’ coloroed…some tips burnt and yellowing spots…leaves kinda ‘crinkly’…using Fox Farm Happy Frog…day 59 for me…