Is this grow able to be saved? (possible light burn)

I think I am about close to harvest so this should be my last post. I have this plant in a 3x3 with 2 240 watt Kingbrite boards. I had the lights at about 80% or 400 watts total. I am pretty sure I fried my plant as some of the tops are brown/purple looking. The rest of the plant looks great just some of the tops seem burnt. I have also found a few seeds but I was expecting that as this was bag seed. I flipped on 7/21 and I am wondering if it is worth trying to save this plant since its so close to finished. Is it still salvageable? Can I discard the burnt pieces and keep the rest? This is my first time growing and Ill keep anything I can if I can. Any comments or thoughts on this issue are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Did the flowers burn on top?

I am not sure if this is considered burnt but I do believe I had the lights to high.

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Looks good to me Growmie, not seeing any burn just some autumn coloring :love_you_gesture: still a few weeks out from harvest in my opinion

I really dont see any burnt leaves maybe some colour change in the leaves from being close to harvest they maybe a little bit of potassium def but i could be wrong about the potassium def its hard to tell

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Once blowing pictures up i dont see any burn

Well I guess it’s getting repetitive, but I also see nothing wrong
As for seeds, you probably had a herm that exposed pollen, or possibly a male in the area that exposed it to pollen.
Just being a bag seed alone (as far as I know) does not make it prone to get seeds

Good job at getting to the finish line

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I run 450w in my 3x3 at about 20 - 22". I would however, with it this far into flower to back off on PPFD by dimming or raising the light. This will help limit / minimize possible foxtails

Thanks everyone who replied. So it’s fine? I was only worried because my other plant looks like this

Also if anyone can take another look, from the trichromes, how close is this girl to harvest?

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Thanks for the reply! Under the tops the buds are green so I was worried.

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She’s a beauty, more coloring will come out :love_you_gesture:

Good Growing!