Is this final week

Well I cant get a jewler scope don’t sell rhem in town here anywhere so any help is awsome these are the best pics I! Picture_20190130_085553-17865901|375x500

You can get a Jewellery Loupe from Amazon, but get the biggest you can afford …40X plus
Are the trichomes cloudy ? and look like this?..if so then you are there (in my humble opinion)

Here’s some pics

no pics appeared here in western britain…

sorry about that

your real close / have a little tester…:zap::rainbow:

Did a tester last week had to lol this is how it.looked after dried sure hardened up

O Yeah !..I can get a whiff of this across the Atlantic ! :crazy_face:

As for the Loupe, you only ever have to buy a decent one once.

I also have a Bresser Kids electronic microscope which hooks up to my computer and its like science fiction examining all of the nooks and cranies, especially in wasted mode.:sunglasses:

Without seeing the trichomes, I’d guess you have a couple weeks, maybe even three. They will dense up a lot in that time, too. I could be wrong, but it looks like there are a lot of white, perky pistils still. I’d wait until most of those are turning reddish and receding into the bud. Looks phenomenal already :+1:

Unfortunately i have to take it down at 8 weeks have an apartment inspection coming up i thibk by end of weekend it should be good

80% of the plant has red hairs now

Bummer! Gonna miss out on some weight. It’ll still be great though :slight_smile:

I read on an article that i dont want the whole plant turn red hairs only 80% then harvest what it says

Its my first plant wasnt going for weight or quanity just wanteded to try my first one its all learning expeince for me when i get better at ill focus more on quainty and weight

You’re doing a great job so far. Keep it up, and when you can, be patient. It’ll look like there’s a lot there, but you lose as much as 80% of the weight drying/curing. They practically double in size in the last couple weeks. Good luck on the inspection!

I only go 80% and never had a bum result…look for this if you can as this is (in my humble opinion) the result I aim for before harvesting.


How much longer would you say i have james?

I m going to blow up your image,give me 5min

I cannot get close enough to the Trichomes, look at these pics but I think that you are close enough to harvest…
…anyhoo study these pics and get the scissors out is my advice.

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So i was reading to leave the plant in the dark for 24 to 72 hours is that true?

I personally have never heard of light deprivation before harvesting.

I always sit down with a pipe of herb and thank the gals for their bounty before harvest …it is a nice thing to do after co-existing together for so long…:man_farmer::rainbow::sun_with_face::zap: