Is this Amnesia Haze preflowering?

Hi, i’m trying to determine if i need to flip this girl to 12/12 or if i can wait (i don’t have room in my 12/12 box now). germinated 3/15/2020 with promix bx, 1000w king led (avg power draw 185w, first 8 weeks, 18/6) and FF nutes. none of my plants seem to grow as big as other folks’ do (probably need to up my lighting game), but this one has been healthy from the start. last 5 1/2 weeks have been outside 53 degrees or higher with plenty of direct sun.

my question: is she pre-flowering and if it is, does that mean i should flip to 12/12? what happens if i keep her outside another month?

separate question: has anyone created 12/12 outside by covering a potted plant with a garbage can overnight for 12 hours/day? pita to do that but would work with my schedule…poor ventilation 1/2 of the day?..probably could avoid light leaks.

thanks in advance!


She is preflowering. Just means you can flower her anytime you want to.

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Yes she is, If you have any other questions let me know I am growing amnesia haze as well.

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Wow those stems are dark! I don’t think it’d be a great idea to put a trash can over her, especially in flower. That restricted airflow is going to be inviting for mold and rot. Is there anywhere you can move it to, like a dark shed or garage?

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@BobbyDigital @darkillusion3526

are the dark purple stems a problem? i’ve read about mag deficiency and genetics. i’ve been adding cal-mag (just under 1 tsp/gallon). the dark stems started early but i never worried about it. i can’t see changing my nute mix since the rest of the plant looks pretty good to me (good green color leave, no yellow, growing faster than ever now).

darkillusion, have you experienced this with your AHs? this one grew 6" in 6 days up to about 3". i’m a little worried about her stretching when i flip! here are pics of my older AH (born on 2/15, also purple stems) who suffered a tough upbringing from my inexperience. at least i improved on the 2nd one.

bobbydig, good advice. i have a shed where i could darken the windows. less convenient than my outside my back door, but much more air than a garbage can!

thanks for the thoughts

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I never had an issue with stems turning that color. I have found with the AH I’ve grown they are very forgiving. As far a stretch goes…you ain’t seen nothing yet. Once you flip them over to flowering expect them to all but double in size. I have a grow journal if you want to check it out. Also if a change in nutes is helping with the stem color then I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Mine stretched at a rate of a little over 1” a day for a total stretch of about 18”. This is day 1 of flip and the end of stretch

that’s a good looking plant! looks like almost a dozen tall colas forming? mine seems to be stretching as its preflowering…does that make sense? i may have not choice but to keep it outside! i flipped a white widow 8 days ago and its only added about 4" of growth.

regarding the purple stems, she has been outdoors for some nights in the low 50 degree range (never below 50). could that be a factor? my older AH has less purple and has never been out over night.

thanks again for your responses. that’s what’s great about this site…people are will to discuss the issues associated with growing! i do a lot of work on my cars, i wish i had a forum like this for that.

Yeah she put out around 15 colas ranging from 8” long to 20” long. She gave up around 8oz dried. The temp could have something to do with it. Colder temps do bring out the color in the plants.