Is this a Male White Widow Autoflower?

$ of 5 white widows were tall thick and skinny.
I have one that’s bushy but hasn’t budded and doesn’t look like the other 5
A male auto flower or seed mixup?

PS: had fun and learnt a lot from my first white widow auto flowers.


I’m not seeing sacks. How long has the other been in flower for? Some autos might need a bump of 12/12 to get going. I’m just a rookie in this game though lol @Nug-bug @Hogmaster @Majiktoker @bob31 a few of the knowledgeable minds around here.

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Two same age have been budding for a month.
Two others budded too early and were a small but good harvest.

The second grow is at 2 weeks in a shared grow groom so I can’t change my timer from 18 & 6 hrs. I might have to find someone who can keep it outdoors.

Top picture looks like it has one

Thanks for the tag @bruinsfan33 but tbh I haven’t even made it out of my first grow yet. I do not come close to being in the same league as the others.


Haha well you do give out some good advise.

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If you’re referring to the bright spot on the left side of the stem… Opening it up it looks more like the background. IMHO

Good job! They look in great shape.

Thanks, I needed that.
Moved the plant to alternating windows. I’m sure it’s a male.

I haven’t grown a wwa yet but you wouldn’t be the first person I’ve seen on this forum with one that doesn’t want to go in to flower. I agree with @Majiktoker that might be a banana on the top pic, hard to tell for me though. My novice imput though is still I’ve read on here that a couple different ppl had the same problem where one of there white widows didn’t wanna start flowering and out of the autos ilgm offer I feel like the wwa has the longest grow time. @garrigan62 pls weigh in too :slight_smile:

I’d pluck that banana looking thing if it is a banana. U might be able to save it

I didn’t see anything that would make me think it’s a boy… :wink:
Maybe put it on an 18/6 light schedule to kick it into flower… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

I need a better camera.
There are plenty of male shoots.

The 18 /6 lighting is for a 2nd grow started while the others budded.
The right Ph and nutrients have made a big difference.

2 small harvests of high THC buds from first 2 plants.
Next 2 look to be massive.

The beauty of auto-flowering has been replacing plants a week or 2 apart.

Honestly not seeing any flower symptoms yet so hard to tell. I’ve never had a make auto from ILGM, I can promise you that. They look decently healthy (a little worried about the one on the right—too tall and tight, but too late now) but if I’m understanding the pics correct you are wondering about the one that is growing like a tree, with space between nodes.

I would not jump to conclusions. I see no pollen sacks or Pistils (female sign). Give it a few more days and see how it looks. I personally think you will have a female, but put out some pics in a few days. Focus on the branch nodes. Literally if it looks like a ballsack, hanging downward-tear it up and flush it down the toilet. If you see nice old white hairs then you are good to go. But from the pics you still have to wait until you know.

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I’ll be patient (not a strength).
The “scrawny one” has 20 buds and is definitely a keeper.

@thePhantomGrower I’m a little late getting here. I was tagged above. Looks like you’ve got plenty of help.

If you guys need another set of eyes let me know!

There are sacks in the first picture. So i have to say male.