Is This a Male Sex Gland? Hope not

Hi. In the beginning of week 3 of flower. This is my first grow. I noticed something that looked kind of “ball-like” but it has two brown hairs coming out. Wanted to make sure its not a hermie/male gland.

Also, had some browning pistils in the vicinity. I was chalking it up to light burn, as my lights were very close for a bit, I had to upgrade to a taller tent yesterday. I’m a little concerned as the browning is near this “ball-like” do-hicky. That being said, I had a heater that was also getting close to this area prior to the change over as space was getting limited. I’ve stopped using the heater now altogether.

The browning pistils:


BTW it’s a White Widow, feminized, photo period.

No, don’t think so. Pistils = female — hanging sacs, no pistils = male

Just a fat calyx it looks like to me.


Thanks, I didn’t think so, I just wanted some reassurance. Sweet, the “do-hicky” is a calyx? Going to search this term now. Thanks again!

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Enjoy the rabbit hole…:facepunch::beers:


Oh yeah! It’s been a lot of fun so far, learning every day!

Here’s my babies as of yesterday before I swapped tents:


So, after taking out my plant tonight to give a good trim, I found and open pod, pollen, and male sex organs everywhere, on this plant, just single ones, but they are there, hiding behind the buds.

What happened? Did it turn male? Was it always and it’s just showing now?

Anyway, here are the photos that now demonstrate clearly.


Thats the flower petals, and the little pollen sacs, the pollen is very fine yellowish dust.
Thats very sad to see! But… you will still get bud, just not as good as you would have hoped for. A little seedy maybe?

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Oh shit. I first chopped off two decent sized colas thinking it was an isolated problem, until I realized it wasn’t. I wish I’d have just isolated the plant then, if I can still get bud off of it.


Well yeah! Seeded pot was all we could get in the 70s and 80s. Smoked fine once you sifted all the grenades out of it. :laughing: