Is this a male or female anyone know?

Male or female?

new pic

Bro il pull out my crystal ball and have a look … it’s female bro congrats :rofl:. But for real we need a photo


Did you see the picture?

It looks female, but by 'real photo" I suspect Kiwiknight correctly means take a picture under normal like and not the blurple grow light. That lighting makes any diagnostics hard to do.

Can you take a closer up picture of the stem near the top of the main cola? Too hard to tell when zooming in on your photo. Thanks :wink::v:

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He didn’t have a photo up before . I do agree with you tho about the real light is better

I’m sorry I cannot tell need a close up

I don’t see any evidence that it’s not female.


Any better? I don’t see the hairs anywhere.

At least I don’t see any balls. Then again I don’t see any signs of sex yet.

  • It does look to be over watered though. Poor things all droopy. Wait for the soil to dry up. Lift the pot so you get a feel for the weight. Then only water again when the pot feels almost empty.
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Ok I’ll do that thanks!

What’s that at top of photo just other side of the plant? Just behind branch to the left?

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Not seeing any signs of sexual maturity yet :wink::v:


Looks like possible male flower to me that @anon78295680 points to

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Well I’m going to grow this one out if it is a male it’s got my name in this strain. Bag weed seed is how I got started

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Actually if this is a female she will get spanked

I really can’t tell if it’s male or female, but I can tell you by the 2nd pic your overwatering your plants

Want it to show sex? start 12/12 light schedule.

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